Committee Recommends Cautious Use of Issue Exhaustion Doctrine in Rulemaking Cases

Aug 25, 2015 Analysis

ACUS committee warns against requirement to raise issues in rulemaking before seeking judicial review.

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Bringing Administrative Hearings to the People

May 20, 2015 Analysis

Administrative Conference report recommends best practices for video conferencing by federal agencies.

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Evaluating Regulations after the Fact

Feb 18, 2015 Analysis

ACUS calls for incorporation of retrospective analysis into the regulatory process.

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Federal Agency Recommends Improvements in Government Transparency

Jun 12, 2014 Analysis

Latest ACUS recommendations seek to promote a more open and efficient government.

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Improving Disability Adjudication

Jan 28, 2014 Analysis

ACUS makes several recommendations to improve SSA’s claim processing.

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ACUS Examines Time it Takes the White House to Review Rules

Nov 13, 2013 News

ACUS floats proposals to make rule review faster and more transparent.

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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Oct 15, 2013 Opinion

Encouraging progress in public access to industry standards is counterbalanced by a governmental "disappointment."

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Regulatory Cooperation in the TTIP

Aug 27, 2013 Opinion

Coordination between the U.S. and the EU can foster better trade and improved outcomes.

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Recommendations for Improving Informal Rulemaking

Aug 26, 2013 Analysis

ACUS recommends ways to implement an administrative record in informal rulemaking.

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Can Agencies Legally Use Social Media for Rulemaking?

Aug 21, 2013 Analysis

ACUS draft report analyzes legal obstacles for using social media in rulemaking.

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