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Next Steps in Improving Higher Education Regulation

Apr 12, 2016 Opinion

The key to improving higher education in the United States lies in selecting the right regulatory tools.

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Toward a New Approach to Regulating Higher Education

Apr 11, 2016 Opinion

A strengthened management-based regime could be combined with a lessening of unnecessary and unhelpful “command and control.”

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President Obama’s College Rating Proposal

Apr 7, 2016 Opinion

The college rating controversy reveals the challenges of a performance-based approach to regulating higher education.

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Management-Based Regulation of Higher Education

Apr 6, 2016 Opinion

Regulation of higher education has long been “management-based”—and under attack for being ineffectual.

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Types of Regulation

Apr 5, 2016 Opinion

Those seeking to reform the regulation of higher education must understand the available tools.

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Learning from the “College Rating System” Debate

Apr 4, 2016 Opinion

The Obama Administration’s failed effort to establish a rating system holds implications for the reauthorization of the Higher Education..

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