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Improving Benefit-Cost Analysis by Making it Simpler

Jul 25, 2016 Opinion

Earlier and less burdensome regulatory impact analyses would lead to more transparent, better regulatory decisions.

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Better Policy Analysis Makes for a Better World

Mar 14, 2016 Opinion

Combining better analysis with more meaningful participation will improve policy decisions.

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Report Shines Light on Regulatory Burdens on University Research

Sep 28, 2015 Opinion

Recommendations in National Academy of Sciences report may lead to smarter regulation of research.

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The Politics of Regulatory Reform

Oct 21, 2013 Opinion

The politics of regulatory reform is much more about politics than it is about regulation.

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Substance or Politics: What Dictates Obama’s Regulatory Agenda?

Apr 15, 2013 Opinion

Both critics and defenders overstate true role of cost-benefit analysis in rulemaking

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Improving How Agencies Collect Information

Aug 20, 2012 Opinion

My recent ACUS report presents three conclusions to frame proposed improvements.

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Appreciating the Politics Inside Benefit-Cost Analysis

Apr 2, 2012 Analysis

Empirical research reveals stronger benefit-cost analysis during less political rulemakings.

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CPR Report on OIRA’s Meetings Ignores Their Context

Dec 12, 2011 Opinion

Increased regulatory action under Obama means that OIRA has more regulations to review.

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Getting the Numbers Right

Oct 24, 2011 Opinion

Judicial review of benefit-cost analysis is no cure-all.


Obama’s Ozone Decision Shows Clearly Who’s in Charge

Sep 8, 2011 Analysis

Letter from OIRA Administrator Sunstein emphasizes President's role.

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