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House Strikes Back Against Obama’s “War on Coal”

Sep 25, 2012 News

Republicans pass bill that would restrict federal regulation.

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Santorum’s Views on Regulation

Feb 27, 2012 Analysis

Republican presidential candidate says he would revoke "irrational" regulation.

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Regulatory Reform in Congress: Part II

Jan 18, 2012 News

RegBlog reviews regulatory reform bills pending in various stages before the Senate.


Regulatory Reform in Congress: Part I

Jan 17, 2012 News

As House members return from vacation, they face a series of regulatory reform bills.

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Senate Committee Continues Review of Regulatory Reform Bills

Jul 21, 2011 News

Two former OIRA Administrators testify at hearing.

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Senate Committee Hears Regulatory Reform Testimony

Jul 7, 2011 News

Senators challenge Cass Sunstein on agency reform and legislative oversight.

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House Passes Resolution Disapproving of Net Neutrality Rules

Jun 1, 2011 News

Democrats and Republicans disagree about FCC's role in Internet access.

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