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What Constitutes “Natural” Foods?

Feb 4, 2016 News

The FDA requests information in possible first steps to regulate the term “natural” on food labels.

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Challenges to Country-of-Origin Food Labels

Aug 6, 2015 News

House passes bill to repeal mandatory country-of-origin labels on meat products.

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Bringing Transparency Back to U.S. Food Law

Jul 14, 2015 Analysis

Scholar argues that the food regulatory scheme is not doing enough in the name of transparency.

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Lawmakers Propose a Single Food Safety Administration

Feb 17, 2015 News

A recently introduced bill would create a new, unified agency to oversee all U.S. food safety.

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USDA Proposes Lifting Longstanding Ban on Argentinian Meat Imports

Oct 1, 2014 News

USDA finds meat from Northern Argentina can be safely imported despite longtime concerns about foot-and-mouth disease.

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Regulatory Responses to Honeybee Deaths

Oct 2, 2013 News

Regulatory efforts to combat honeybee deaths focus on pesticides.

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Regulatory Cooperation in the TTIP

Aug 27, 2013 Opinion

Coordination between the U.S. and the EU can foster better trade and improved outcomes.

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We the People of the Internet

Jun 20, 2013 Analysis

White House website collects and responds to public petitions.

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USDA Takes Tough Stance on Nutrition Program Fraud

Mar 27, 2013 Analysis

Proposed rule aims to reduce retailer fraud in nutrition program.


USDA Proposes “Smart Snacks in School” Rule

Mar 13, 2013 Analysis

States show varied levels of readiness for the new rule.

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