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Time to Get Graphic with Cigarette Labels?

Dec 7, 2016 News

FDA is years behind in its statutory mandate to put graphic warnings on cigarette labels.

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Last Licks for Baseball’s Chewing Tobacco Habit

Aug 19, 2015 News

City and state officials seek to ban chewing tobacco from sports stadiums around the country.

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Toward a Middle Ground in Regulating E-cigarettes

Apr 9, 2015 Analysis

A legal scholar proposes strict advertising limits – but no blanket ban – on e-cigarettes.

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Inflating Civil Penalties

Apr 2, 2014 News

FDA adjusts maximum civil money penalties to account for inflation.

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European Parliament Divided over Proposed E-Cigarette Regulation

Oct 31, 2013 News

Final vote on proposal postponed in face of stiff opposition.

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The Future of E-Cigarette Regulation

Sep 17, 2013 Analysis

FDA plans to regulate devices as "tobacco products."

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