Broadband Competition is the Internet’s “North Star”

Sep 23, 2014 Analysis

FCC Chair emphasizes need for increased consumer choice in the years to come.

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Should the FCC Regulate Internet Interconnection?

Jun 9, 2014 Opinion

Regulation is not the answer to interconnection concerns.

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Agency Seeks to Enhance Reliability of Emergency Phone Calls

Jan 22, 2014 Analysis

FCC proposal aims to enhance cellular communication during emergencies.

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FCC Loosens Restrictions on Foreign Investments in Broadcast Media

Dec 3, 2013 Analysis

A larger pool of investors may boost diversity in television and radio station ownership.

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House Bill Would Limit FDA Oversight of Health Apps

Nov 18, 2013 Analysis

Supporters of legislation argue FDA will not cabin its regulatory power on its own.

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FCC Rules on Robocalls Go Into Effect

Oct 30, 2013 News

New regulations to protect consumers from telemarketers’ automatic calls.

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Check Your Phone Bill: Are you Being “Crammed”?

Oct 28, 2013 News

FCC proposes rule designed to identify and prevent unauthorized phone charges.

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Does Mobile Roaming Regulation Violate the GATS?

Sep 5, 2013 Analysis

Potential WTO violations from international mobile roaming regulation, says recent article.

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A Flexible Approach to Cybersecurity Regulation

Jul 9, 2013 Opinion

Management-based regulatory delegation may create a more effective framework.

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Senators Question President’s Pick for OIRA Administrator

Jun 14, 2013 News

Howard Shelanski questioned on delays, retrospective review, and role for cost-benefit analysis.

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