Supreme Court

General Permits and the Regulation of Greenhouse Gases

Jul 23, 2014 Opinion

Recent Supreme Court decision misses a climate change solution that could satisfy all parties.

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Two Cheers for Recess Appointments

Jun 26, 2014 Opinion

The Supreme Court lets the president down easy in NLRB v. Noel Canning.

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Supreme Court Decision Strikes Compromise in Greenhouse Gas Case

Jun 25, 2014 News

EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions is left largely intact, but agency faces rebuke.

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Supreme Court to Hear FTC Challenge to Licensing Board

Apr 9, 2014 Analysis

Dispute over teeth-whitening regulations may expand federal antitrust authority over states.

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Supreme Court Confronts Interstate Air Pollution Regulation

Dec 12, 2013 Analysis

The Court hears oral arguments on legal challenge to EPA rule requiring states to keep pollution from affecting their neighbors.

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The Supreme Court Should Avoid a Constitutional Ruling in Noel Canning

Sep 24, 2013 Opinion

The Court should allow the political process to resolve recess appointments controversy.

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Taking Targeted Immunity Statutes Seriously

Sep 16, 2013 Opinion

Recent Supreme Court rulings provide insight into variable tort litigation outcomes.

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Supreme Court Reaffirms Agency Discretion in Interpreting Regulations

Apr 24, 2013 Analysis

Court concludes EPA reasonably interpreted its regulations governing logging road runoff

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States Waiting to Decide on Medicaid Expansion

Nov 1, 2012 Analysis

Majority of states appear to be waiting until after next week's election.

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11th Circuit Rejects Unlimited Power to Impose Federal Mandates

Aug 18, 2011 Opinion

The appeals court demonstrates why health insurance requirement is unconstitutional.

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