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Supreme Court

What Will Come from the Supreme Court’s Stay of EPA’s Clean Power Plan?

Feb 22, 2016 Opinion

Scholar argues the impact of halting the regulation's implementation may be small.

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Justice Scalia’s Greatest Hits in Administrative Law

Feb 19, 2016 News

RegBlog reflects on the late Justice Scalia’s most consequential—and colorful—opinions in administrative law.

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Digital Copyright Reaches the Supreme Court (Perhaps)

Jan 4, 2016 Opinion

Authors Guild seeks SCOTUS review of copyright case against Google.

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Navigating the Terrain of Antitrust Oversight and State Regulation

Dec 14, 2015 Opinion

FTC guidance on “active supervision” of state regulatory boards fuels concerns about intrusions on state sovereignty.

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Seventh Circuit Finds Wisconsin Abortion Statute Unconstitutional

Dec 10, 2015 News

Court finds state law to be medically unnecessary and burdensome to women seeking abortion services.

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The Problem with Delegation

Dec 2, 2015 Analysis

Legal scholar argues that delegation poses a threat to the separation of powers.

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Supreme Court Mulls Price of Not Using Power

Nov 11, 2015 News

Electricity regulator wants strong incentive to conserve, but one business group says the government is overreaching.

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Supreme Court Ruling Preserves Health Insurance Subsidies

Jul 10, 2015 Analysis

Supreme Court held that Affordable Care Act’s tax credits can apply to Americans in every state.

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Security Checks, Discrimination, and Jerusalem at the Supreme Court

Jul 9, 2015 Analysis

Supreme Court’s latest term included decisions on labor, housing, and employment law and the separation of powers.

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Employers, Whistleblowers, and Polluters Before the Supreme Court

Jul 8, 2015 Analysis

The Supreme Court’s 2014-15 regulatory decisions affected environmental law, employment discrimination, and public safety.

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