SEC Moves to Expand Executive Compensation Disclosure

May 6, 2015 News

Proposed rule would require companies to make clearer disclosure of pay and performance information.

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An SEC Commissioner Highlights Global Challenges to U.S. Financial Markets

Feb 5, 2015 News

Speech by U.S. regulator highlights complex issues facing U.S. capital markets.

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SEC Expands Disclosure Requirements for Asset-Backed Securities

Nov 4, 2014 News

New rule addresses valuation problems that may have contributed to financial crisis.

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The Cost to Businesses from Anti-Corruption Enforcement

Sep 16, 2014 Analysis

Agency actions are minor components of the financial consequences of FCPA enforcement.

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The Enhanced Role of Economic Analysis in Securities Rulemaking

Aug 21, 2014 News

An SEC Commissioner and former Chief Economist explain the role of economic analysis in rulemaking.

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Long-awaited Money Market Regulatory Reform Falls Short

Aug 4, 2014 Opinion

The SEC’s new money market rule may actually increase the run risk for some funds.

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Why Should Regulators Apply Cost-Benefit Analysis to Financial Regulation?

Jul 3, 2014 Analysis

Scholars present a defense of and propose a framework for financial cost-benefit analysis.

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More Whistleblowers Help Regulators Detect Misconduct

May 8, 2014 News

Financial regulators in the U.S. and U.K. receive a growing number of alerts from whistleblowers.

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Encouraging Companies to Disclose Climate Risks to the SEC

Apr 23, 2014 Analysis

State attorneys general are well suited to prod disclosure, recent paper argues.

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Former Commissioner Speaks About SEC’s Role in Rapidly Changing Market

Mar 27, 2014 News

Troy A. Paredes offers his views on recent regulatory developments at a Penn seminar.

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