Regulatory Reform

How Did Wyoming Take Back Control of Gray Wolf Protection?

Jul 7, 2014 Analysis

Essay contest winner chronicles conflict between federal and Wyoming officials over management of gray wolf population in the state.

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Rethinking Disclosure in the Wake of McCutcheon v. FEC

Jun 30, 2014 Opinion

The FEC’s data system must be improved if campaign finance disclosure is to work.

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An Independent Commission Should Suggest, Not Determine, Rule Rescissions

May 23, 2014 Opinion

Proposed regulatory review commissions would circumvent procedural safeguards.

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The Real “Tsunami” in Federal Regulatory Policy

May 22, 2014 Opinion

New lookback programs impede public safeguards rather than improve the regulatory system.

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A Politically and Technically Feasible Approach for Handling Regulatory Accumulation

May 21, 2014 Opinion

A new institutional design is required to deal with retrospective review of regulations.

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Congressional Action Needed to Deal with Regulatory Accumulation

May 20, 2014 Opinion

The SCRUB Act would help correct regulatory accumulation – but the bill could be improved.

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It’s Past Time to Address Regulatory Duplication

May 19, 2014 Opinion

The SCRUB Act would help eliminate duplicative rules through retrospective review.

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Debating the Independent Retrospective Review of Regulations

May 19, 2014 - May 23, 2014 Series

RegBlog features the debate over an independent process for reviewing existing rules.

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How Should We Judge Agencies’ Decisions “Not to Decide?”

May 1, 2014 Analysis

Working paper says agencies have broad, but cabined, discretion to delay and defer.

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Resetting Expectations for New Media

Apr 21, 2014 Analysis

Scholars suggest that easy access to information may not increase meaningful public engagement in policymaking.

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