Regulatory Politics

Analyzing the Job Impacts of Regulation

Apr 15, 2014 PPR News

Wharton School panel discussion assesses new book on how regulations affect employment.

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Regulation and Democracy

Mar 24, 2014 Opinion

How the resurgence of progressivism will produce improved regulatory outcomes.

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Improving Regulation Requires Closer Scrutiny of Benefits

Feb 25, 2014 Opinion

Many regulations fail to demonstrate a need for agency action.

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Regulatory Breakdown in the United States

January 7, 2013 - January 24, 2013 Series

RegBlog summarizes the work of leading scholars from the newly published book Regulatory Breakdown: The Crisis of Confidence in U.S...

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Media, Polarization, and Regulatory Politics

Jan 15, 2013 Analysis

Research highlights correlation between partisan media and a polarized public.

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What Happens in Real Bureaucracies

Jul 10, 2012 Opinion

Wilson's Bureaucracy course at Harvard was the beginning of a lifelong professional relationship.

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The First Step: Let’s Kill All the Regulations

Jun 29, 2012 Opinion

Romney's strongest reform proposals would dramatically change regulation in the U.S.

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Appreciating the Politics Inside Benefit-Cost Analysis

Apr 2, 2012 Analysis

Empirical research reveals stronger benefit-cost analysis during less political rulemakings.

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