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It Takes “Alternative Math” to Claim That Redistribution Is Futile

Mar 16, 2017 Opinion

A regulation that provides a benefit in excess of a cost while helping the disadvantaged subsets of society should be seen as doubly wise.

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Regulatory Excellence and the Networked Governance of Regulatory Studies

Feb 27, 2017 Opinion

Prevention of such catastrophe requires adept networking of regulatory scholarship, like that demonstrated in an important new book.

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The Stunning Triumph of Cost-Cost Analysis

Feb 21, 2017 Opinion

Under President Trump’s executive order, the benefits of new regulations will play no role in regulatory decision-making.

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Writing the Rules of Football

Feb 5, 2017 News

Yale Law Professor explores the rulemaking power wielded by associations like the National Football League.

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The Trump Administration’s Regulatory Reform Options

Jan 20, 2017 News

The new Administration and Congress can use several procedures to cut down on regulation.

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President Trump’s Regulatory Vision

Jan 19, 2017 Opinion

How the incoming President might shape his strategy in the regulatory sphere.

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The Race Question

Dec 1, 2016 News

OMB proposal to revise its racial and ethnic categories may better reflect America’s changing demographics.

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Do We Know How Risky E-Cigarettes Are?

Nov 14, 2016 Opinion

E-cigarettes are less dangerous than is generally believed, posing a unique information challenge for regulators.

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Hill Briefing Addresses Regulatory Challenges for Next Administration

Nov 4, 2016 News

Public Citizen and the Coalition for Sensible Safeguards convened panels of regulatory experts.

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Red Tape on the Upswing

Oct 31, 2016 Opinion

Experts argue that the number and cost of regulations sharply rose in 2015—at a rate that has held steady in 2016.

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