Hundreds of Recent Final Rules Are Technically Unlawful

Sep 15, 2014 Opinion

Agencies apparently fail to comply with a mandatory reporting requirement for many federal regulations.

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The Role of Distributional Impacts in Cost-Benefit Analysis

Apr 24, 2014 Analysis

How do agencies use distributional effects in regulatory impact analyses?

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White House Completes Review of ADA Revisions

Oct 1, 2013 News

Industries brace for potential new disability accommodation obligations.

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Can a Regulatory Budget Trim Red Tape?

Aug 28, 2013 Opinion

A paperwork budget could gain bipartisan support.

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Regulatory Cooperation in the TTIP

Aug 27, 2013 Opinion

Coordination between the U.S. and the EU can foster better trade and improved outcomes.

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Bill Moves Forward to Amend the Regulatory Process

Aug 22, 2013 News

Debate ensues over the proposed Regulatory Accountability Act.

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Can Agencies Legally Use Social Media for Rulemaking?

Aug 21, 2013 Analysis

ACUS draft report analyzes legal obstacles for using social media in rulemaking.

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Cost-Benefit Analysis: A Tool for Good Governance in Financial Regulation

Aug 19, 2013 Opinion

Effective evaluation helps to guard against regulatory capture.

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States Incorporate Changing Federal Regulation for Car Seats

Aug 15, 2013 Opinion

New dataset explores relationship between state and federal child restraint laws.


The Clean Water Act Needs Positive Reform

Aug 12, 2013 Opinion

House bills would roll back rather than advance progress on water quality.

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