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Improving Benefit-Cost Analysis by Making it Simpler

Jul 25, 2016 Opinion

Earlier and less burdensome regulatory impact analyses would lead to more transparent, better regulatory decisions.

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Old and New Capture

Jun 28, 2016 Opinion

These two forms of regulatory capture require different solutions.

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How Government Can Root Out Regulatory Capture

Jun 15, 2016 Opinion

It is time for government to stop private interests from gaining improper influence over regulators.

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Corporate Capture of the Rulemaking Process

Jun 14, 2016 Opinion

The right regulatory reforms can level the playing field between the public and powerful corporate players.

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What Will the Regulatory Landscape Look Like in 2021?

May 9, 2016 Opinion

Regulatory priorities and strategies are likely to hold constant in the near future.

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A Price of Greater Executive Discretion

Feb 9, 2016 Opinion

Scholar responds to RegBlog's recent executive discretion series by highlighting transparency concerns.

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The Regulatory Reform Debate Needs a Wider Lens

Mar 10, 2015 Opinion

The U.S. does not regulate more than its international peers, but could still learn much from them about regulatory management.

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What Is the Ideal Cost-Benefit Analysis?

Dec 10, 2014 Analysis

Two researchers propose a simpler way to perform cost-benefit analysis.

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Predicting Regulatory Delay

Nov 3, 2014 Opinion

New model aims to predict how long it takes rules to be published after they clear OIRA review.

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Why Should Regulators Apply Cost-Benefit Analysis to Financial Regulation?

Jul 3, 2014 Analysis

Scholars present a defense of and propose a framework for financial cost-benefit analysis.

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