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Measuring the Obama Administration’s Historic Midnight Surge

Feb 6, 2017 Opinion

Scholars model the impact of regulations issued in the final months of the Obama Administration.

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The Administrative Hurdles of Traveling to Cuba

Jan 25, 2017 News

The window for travel to Cuba may be narrowing.

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Independent Regulatory Agencies Are Not Likely to Be Part of President Obama’s Midnight Rulemaking

Sep 15, 2016 Opinion

A recent report suggests that unlike executive agencies, independent agencies get to continue dancing right past midnight.

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Quantitative Models Predict Historic Obama Midnight Surge

Sep 14, 2016 Opinion

Research forecasts a substantial increase in economically significant rules that would outpace that of the past three presidents' final..

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President Obama Acts to Preserve Legacy of Land Conservation

Mar 7, 2016 News

Amid recent controversy, Obama relies on Antiquities Act authority to designate new monuments in the Mojave Desert.

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EPA Adopts Stricter Standards to Clean Up Auto Exhaust

Mar 26, 2014 News

EPA finalized new rules on sulfur in gasoline and tailpipe emissions as part of clean car program.

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Prospects for an Interstate Cap and Trade for Greenhouse Gases

Mar 20, 2014 Opinion

The last years of the Obama administration will determine if the EPA succeeds in implementing a cap-and-trade regime.

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What We (Should) Talk About When We Talk About Green Growth

Mar 3, 2014 Opinion

How defining green growth will create better environmental policy.

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Promoting Renewable Energy in the Federal Government

Feb 13, 2014 Analysis

Presidential memo requires agencies to obtain 20% of energy from renewable sources by 2020.

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The Supreme Court Should Avoid a Constitutional Ruling in Noel Canning

Sep 24, 2013 Opinion

The Court should allow the political process to resolve recess appointments controversy.

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