New Book

The Failed Reign of Mandated Disclosure

Jun 15, 2015 Opinion

Recent book highlights flaws in mandatory information disclosure as consumer protection policy.

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Does Regulation Kill Jobs?

March 10, 2014 - March 18, 2014 Books

New book from Penn Program on Regulation explores the connection between regulation and employment.

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The Problem of Political Ignorance

Feb 3, 2014 Books

Voter ignorance bolsters arguments for judicial review and limited government.

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The Politics of Regulatory Reform

Oct 21, 2013 Books

The politics of regulatory reform is much more about politics than it is about regulation.

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The History of Precaution

Sep 23, 2013 Books

An analysis of legal traditions provides insight into transnational regulatory relations.

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Environmental Cost-Benefit Analysis Spreads to Developing World

May 13, 2013 Books

Despite challenges, cost-benefit analysis can serve as an effective tool worldwide.

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The Paradox of Regulation: What It Can and Cannot Achieve

Mar 11, 2013 Books

Regulatory success depends on managing actuarial, socio-cultural, and political risk.

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Improving Insurance Decision Making

Mar 4, 2013 Books

Insurance, if better understood, holds great promise for businesses, consumers, and more.

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Often Forgotten Actors in Environmental Regulation

Feb 4, 2013 Analysis

Federal regulators get the attention, but state regulators are important too.

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Changing the System

Nov 5, 2012 Books

We hold the power to change our governmental system.

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