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International Regulation

Regaining Control After Brexit While Maintaining Membership in the WTO

Feb 8, 2017 News

If Britain has to reapply for WTO membership after Brexit, the process could take years and result in disruption to world trade.

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How Business-Based Standards Can Support Human Rights

Jun 7, 2016 Opinion

When promulgating human rights rules for businesses, specific is better.

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Reasons for Optimism in the Paris Agreement

Dec 24, 2015 Opinion

Both governments and businesses show commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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When Management-Based Regulation Goes Global

Dec 23, 2015 Opinion

The Paris Agreement’s management-based approach to climate change will likely face significant challenges.

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The Paris Agreement Delivers a Champagne Moment

Dec 22, 2015 Opinion

The Paris Agreement’s modesty represents an important step forward in addressing climate change.

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The Legal Structure of the Paris Agreement

Dec 21, 2015 Opinion

Even with legally non-binding commitments, the Paris Agreement may help fight climate change.

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Will the Paris Agreement Make a Difference?

December 21, 2015 - December 24, 2015 Series

RegBlog features leading experts' views on the success of the Paris Agreement.

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The IMF’s Way Forward for Sovereign Restructuring

Dec 17, 2014 Analysis

International Monetary Fund report suggests reform of sovereign debt rules.

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Regulatory Policy and the Brazilian Presidential Election

Oct 8, 2014 Opinion

Electoral results indicate Brazilians remain divided over regulatory policy.

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A Floating Law Firm?

Oct 7, 2014 Analysis

Canadian Bar Association report may rekindle debate over alternative ownership structures for U.S. law firms.

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