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Federal Agency Tackles Health Care Gap for Transgender Soldiers

Mar 29, 2016 News

A proposed rule would cover certain gender transition services for military members.

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Federal Agency Tackles Discrimination in Health Care

Sep 24, 2015 News

A proposed rule would offer patients protection from certain types of discrimination.

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States Adopt Private Market Model for Public Health Insurance Programs

Sep 17, 2015 Analysis

An experimental Medicaid program could cut across party lines and provide health care to millions of Americans.

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Pennsylvania Seeks New Approach to Long-Term Medicaid Services

Sep 3, 2015 News

State explores Medicaid changes to improve care for the elderly and persons with disabilities.

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Are Health Care Antiseptics Safe and Effective for Medical Professionals?

May 27, 2015 News

The FDA asks for new data on the safety and efficacy of antiseptics used in hospitals and other health care settings.

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Electronic Medicare Cards Could Reduce Fraud, Improve Care

May 25, 2015 News

GAO report suggests replacing paper Medicare cards with newer technology.

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How Health Care Providers View Meaningful Use

May 14, 2015 Analysis

Researchers assess providers’ views on government incentives for electronic health records.

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Regulating the Intersection of Health Care and Gun Control

Mar 2, 2015 Opinion

If more health information should be disclosed, federal and state laws should mandate disclosure.

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Balancing Medical Privacy and Public Safety

Feb 23, 2015 Opinion

HHS letter clarifies HIPAA’s Privacy Rule and may have the potential to reduce gun violence.

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New Program Will Help Veterans Gain Timely Access to Medical Care

Dec 24, 2014 News

The VA establishes a temporary program to make it easier for veterans to obtain medical care.

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