How Health Care Providers View Meaningful Use

May 14, 2015 Analysis

Researchers assess providers’ views on government incentives for electronic health records.

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Regulating the Intersection of Health Care and Gun Control

Mar 2, 2015 Opinion

If more health information should be disclosed, federal and state laws should mandate disclosure.

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Balancing Medical Privacy and Public Safety

Feb 23, 2015 Opinion

HHS letter clarifies HIPAA’s Privacy Rule and may have the potential to reduce gun violence.

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New Program Will Help Veterans Gain Timely Access to Medical Care

Dec 24, 2014 News

The VA establishes a temporary program to make it easier for veterans to obtain medical care.

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There is More to Mandatory Disclosure than Meets the Eye

Oct 27, 2014 Opinion

"Targeted transparency" can help achieve regulatory and regulated entity goals.

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Interstate Medical Licensure and Emergency Response

Oct 20, 2014 Opinion

Adoption of new model legislation could improve medical response to public health crises and disasters.

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Inflating Civil Penalties

Apr 2, 2014 News

FDA adjusts maximum civil money penalties to account for inflation.

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What is the Future for Genetic Testing and Personalized Medicine?

Feb 6, 2014 Analysis

FDA declares personalized medicine “has clearly arrived.”

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A New Tax-and-Spend Strategy to Fight Obesity

Jan 6, 2014 Analysis

Scholar proposes a manufacturers’ excise tax to fund obesity-prevention efforts.

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FDA Moves to Address Drug Shortages

Nov 19, 2013 News

Agency hopes a strategic plan and proposed rule will protect patients from delayed treatment.

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