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Reasons for Optimism in the Paris Agreement

Dec 24, 2015 Opinion

Both governments and businesses show commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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When Management-Based Regulation Goes Global

Dec 23, 2015 Opinion

The Paris Agreement’s management-based approach to climate change will likely face significant challenges.

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The Paris Agreement Delivers a Champagne Moment

Dec 22, 2015 Opinion

The Paris Agreement’s modesty represents an important step forward in addressing climate change.

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The Legal Structure of the Paris Agreement

Dec 21, 2015 Opinion

Even with legally non-binding commitments, the Paris Agreement may help fight climate change.

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Will the Paris Agreement Make a Difference?

December 21, 2015 - December 24, 2015 Editor's Choice

RegBlog features leading experts' views on the success of the Paris Agreement.

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Global Banking Committee Announces New Priorities

Feb 19, 2015 Analysis

Basel Committee on Banking Supervision publishes its agenda for 2015–2016.

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International Approach to Failing Financial Institutions Sought

Jan 9, 2014 Analysis

U.S. and U.K. regulators stress progress on cross-border agreements.

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No Country for Large Profits: G20 Endorses Plan to Update Tax Rules

Jan 7, 2014 News

OECD plan lays out new rules for addressing corporate tax avoidance.

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Judicial Review in American and European Competition Law

Jan 2, 2014 Opinion

Despite differences, antitrust enforcement models in the U.S. and Europe have some features in common.

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WADA Extends the First Doping Offense Ban to 4 Years

Dec 26, 2013 News

The World Anti-Doping Agency ratified the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code.

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