TARP Overseer Describes “Lost Opportunity” to Increase Small Business Lending

May 30, 2013 News

Report blames regulators' lack of sufficient oversight in reviewing loan applications.

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Despite Recent Safety Record, FAA May Lack Key Data

May 29, 2013 Analysis

Recent GAO report details ways to improve aviation safety data collection.

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GAO Finds Flaws With Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Planning

May 7, 2013 News

Nuclear Regulatory Commission unlikely to follow the GAO's recommendation.

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GAO Report Finds Excess Spending in Medicare

Apr 25, 2013 Analysis

GAO urges changes to payment formula for certain Medicare plans.

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Patent Trolls: No Fairytale Ending in Sight?

Mar 25, 2013 Analysis

Debate rages on as Congress considers legislation to solve this problem.

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Decreasing the Deficit by Shifting Tax Enforcement

Mar 20, 2013 Analysis

GAO report claims the IRS could significantly increase revenues with better enforcement.


Making Decisions without All the Answers

Mar 14, 2013 Analysis

Institute of Medicine report describes how the EPA should confront uncertainty.

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GAO Calls on Agencies to Respond to All Comments

Mar 12, 2013 Analysis

Report advocates for a better use of public input.

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FTC Staff Report Outlines Best Practices for Mobile App Industry

Mar 7, 2013 News

Agency provides disclosure guidelines to protect consumer privacy.

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FCC Considers Regulating Interstate Inmate Calling Service

Jan 31, 2013 News

FCC seeks public comment as it considers new regulations.

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