Auditor Says Federal Cybersecurity Efforts are Inadequate

Nov 10, 2015 Analysis

Government report finds that federal agencies’ cybersecurity practices are too weak.

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Evaluating Disaster Relief

Nov 4, 2015 Analysis

Government report recommends “federal mechanism” to increase oversight of the Red Cross.

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Reducing Unregulated Transfers of Child Custody

Oct 28, 2015 Analysis

Federal audit report highlights need for states to track and prevent unregulated adoptions.

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Better Notification Needed for Student Loan Relief Programs

Oct 27, 2015 Analysis

Eligible borrowers unaware of student loan repayment and forgiveness options.

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How Should the Federal Government Fight Fires?

Oct 15, 2015 Analysis

Despite improvements, agencies should develop consistent policies.

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Many Railroads Will Not Have Required Safety Technology by Deadline

Oct 12, 2015 Analysis

Auditor outlines problems and gives guidance to rail regulator over delays with positive train control.

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Electronic Medicare Cards Could Reduce Fraud, Improve Care

May 25, 2015 News

GAO report suggests replacing paper Medicare cards with newer technology.

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New “Sue-and-Settle” Bill is Much Ado About Nothing

Mar 24, 2015 Opinion

Proposed legislation seeking to curb collusive deadline suits misunderstands the administrative process.

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Veterans Affairs Department Struggles to Complete Much-Needed Medical Facilities

Feb 25, 2015 News

Delays in several large construction projects raise concerns about agency mismanagement.

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Lawmakers Propose a Single Food Safety Administration

Feb 17, 2015 News

A recently introduced bill would create a new, unified agency to oversee all U.S. food safety.

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