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Defining the Role of the Chief Information Security Officer

Nov 16, 2016 Analysis

Agencies’ challenges with managing cybersecurity may prove instructive as New York unveils new cyber rule.

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GAO Calls on Government Leaders to Revisit Financial Regulatory Reform

Oct 6, 2016 News

Government Accountability Office issues report finding oversight system too fragmented and complex.

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What Will the Regulatory Landscape Look Like in 2021?

May 9, 2016 Opinion

Regulatory priorities and strategies are likely to hold constant in the near future.

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Improving the Tax Whistleblower Program

Mar 16, 2016 Analysis

GAO report recommends a faster claims process and protection against employer retaliation.

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Lessons Learned from Katrina and Sandy

Jan 19, 2016 Analysis

Disaster relief agency shows progress over past decade, but challenges remain.

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Can Regulatory Clarity Increase Retirement Savings?

Dec 17, 2015 Analysis

Federal auditor says that more detailed regulation may expand participation in certain retirement programs.

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Are Government Benefits Going to the Wrong People?

Dec 3, 2015 Analysis

Federal audit identifies causes and consequences of benefit overpayments to disabled workers.

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Auditor Says Federal Cybersecurity Efforts are Inadequate

Nov 10, 2015 Analysis

Government report finds that federal agencies’ cybersecurity practices are too weak.

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Evaluating Disaster Relief

Nov 4, 2015 Analysis

Government report recommends “federal mechanism” to increase oversight of the Red Cross.

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Reducing Unregulated Transfers of Child Custody

Oct 28, 2015 Analysis

Federal audit report highlights need for states to track and prevent unregulated adoptions.

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