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Food and Drug Regulation

A More Holistic Definition of “Healthy”

Oct 26, 2016 News

Regulator solicits input on a new rule defining when foods could be considered “healthy.”

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Drug Price Lowering Solutions from the Campaign Trail

Oct 11, 2016 Election 2016

As drug prices spike, the presidential candidates endorse proposals for getting costs down.

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For Hepatitis Drugs, Availability Does Not Equal Access

Aug 1, 2016 News

Is the government willing to infringe on drug patents to curb a public health crisis?

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Stopping Contaminated Food Hazards Before They Arise

Nov 3, 2015 News

New agency rule focuses on preventing risks to food meant for human consumption.

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The FDA’s Sweet Proposal on Food Labels

Oct 1, 2015 News

The FDA has proposed adding to product labels daily percentages for added sugars.

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NYC Bill Would Have Kids Trade Calories for Toys

Sep 14, 2015 News

New research finds that kids would consume fewer calories under proposed fast-food standards.

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The American Pizza Community Bites Back

Jul 23, 2015 Analysis

Pizza restaurants break from restaurant lobby to challenge FDA’s menu labeling rule.

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Do Healthier School Lunches Mean More Food Waste?

Jul 21, 2015 Analysis

The debate on plate waste from healthy school lunches continues.

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First Biosimilar Drug Inches Closer to Entering U.S. Market

Apr 20, 2015 News

Newly approved type of generic drug defeats competitor in court and continues towards market.

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Expanding U.S. Aquaculture to the Open Ocean

Jan 5, 2015 News

A proposed rule would allow offshore aquaculture in the Gulf of Mexico.

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