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Financial Regulation

(Not) Prosecuting Financial Crimes

Jun 21, 2016 Opinion

Holding companies accountable for crimes is essential, yet more must be done to end "too big to jail" concerns.

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Can Securities Regulation Stymie Conflict in Africa?

Jun 8, 2016 News

Challenges loom concerning the implementation of a Dodd-Frank provision requiring companies to disclose source minerals from war-torn..

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Building More Effective Regulation

May 11, 2016 Opinion

The past few years in regulation offer lessons for the next five.

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Volcker Alliance Presents Reform Priorities

Nov 16, 2015 PPR News

At Penn panel discussion, former Fed chair’s group urges further financial regulatory reform.

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Global Banking Associations Attribute Bond Market Slump to Regulation

Sep 16, 2015 Analysis

Researchers claim that post-crisis regulatory overhaul has created a liquidity crisis.

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Will the Volcker Rule’s Complexity Be Its Undoing?

Jul 22, 2015 Analysis

Regulators face unique challenges as mandatory compliance begins.

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Former Fed Chair Proposes Broad Changes to U.S. Financial Regulatory System

May 28, 2015 Analysis

Volcker Alliance releases report calling for new financial system oversight structure.

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European Union Reveals Plan to Build Capital Markets Union

Mar 26, 2015 News

EU Commission invites public feedback on private lending consolidation plan.

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European Central Bank to Expand Asset Purchase Program

Mar 5, 2015 News

Eurozone bank adds sovereign debt purchases to stimulus plan.

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In Defense of Soft Law Accounting Standards

Feb 11, 2015 Analysis

Scholars argue that the diffusion of soft law norms throughout the European Union promotes reliable accounting practices.

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