Financial Regulation

Can we Eliminate “Too Big to Fail”?

Jan 29, 2015 Analysis

Recently passed House legislation would amend bankruptcy code for big banks.

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Dodd-Frank’s Regulatory Morass

Nov 10, 2014 Opinion

The costly implementation of the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act stems from the law’s political origins.

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SEC Expands Disclosure Requirements for Asset-Backed Securities

Nov 4, 2014 News

New rule addresses valuation problems that may have contributed to financial crisis.

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Fed May Increase Capital Holding Requirement for Large Banks

Oct 2, 2014 News

In testimony before Senate, Federal Reserve official foretells changes to banking rules.

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The Rise of Cyborg Finance

Sep 30, 2014 Analysis

Can regulators keep up with the financial industry’s changing landscape?

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Increasing Financial Regulatory Predictability through Optimizing Business Strategy

Sep 29, 2014 Opinion

Regulatory change requires companies to implement systems to analyze regulation.

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The Enhanced Role of Economic Analysis in Securities Rulemaking

Aug 21, 2014 News

An SEC Commissioner and former Chief Economist explain the role of economic analysis in rulemaking.

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Long-awaited Money Market Regulatory Reform Falls Short

Aug 4, 2014 Opinion

The SEC’s new money market rule may actually increase the run risk for some funds.

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Why Should Regulators Apply Cost-Benefit Analysis to Financial Regulation?

Jul 3, 2014 Analysis

Scholars present a defense of and propose a framework for financial cost-benefit analysis.

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The Effect of Income Disparity on Financial Regulation

Jun 18, 2014 Analysis

Scholar worries that pay gap between financial industry and regulators may lead to regulatory failure.

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