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Financial Regulation

Treasury Pick’s Oversight of “Robo-Signing” Heats Up Nomination Proceedings

Feb 7, 2017 News

Steven Mnuchin continues to advance in U.S. Senate even as Democrats decry his role during financial crisis.

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What if Dodd-Frank is Built on Faulty Assumptions?

Feb 2, 2017 Analysis

Duke Law Professor argues for a new regulatory paradigm.

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Agency Signals Separate Regulation of “FinTech” Companies

Jan 3, 2017 News

National financial technology companies will be regulated differently than traditional banks.

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Adapting Regulation for the FinTech World

Dec 5, 2016 Opinion

A federal consumer watchdog quietly solved a big problem.

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Currency Authority Proposes Ban on Bank Investments in Commercial Metals

Nov 29, 2016 News

U.S. banking regulator seeks to stop banks from trading in metals like copper and aluminum.

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Hard Brexit Makes Hard Law for EU Financial Services Regulation

Nov 22, 2016 Analysis

A hard Brexit may require an overhaul of the EU’s rules governing its relationship with non-member states.

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New Reporting Requirements Imposed on Treasury Market

Nov 17, 2016 News

In the wake of bizarre market behavior, regulators move to expand disclosure on Treasury trades.

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Financial Regulators Take Stock and Look Ahead

Nov 1, 2016 News

Wall Street Journal conference in New York brings together prominent regulators and industry insiders for wide-ranging discussions.

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Evaluating Germany’s Success in Regulating High-Frequency Trading

Oct 25, 2016 Analysis

Scholar argues that ambitious German regulation on computer trades, although imperfect, is beneficial.

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New York State Moves Towards Cyber Attack Regulations

Oct 13, 2016 News

The New York State Department of Financial Services proposes cybersecurity regulations for financial institutions.

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