The Effect of Income Disparity on Financial Regulation

Jun 18, 2014 Analysis

Scholar worries that pay gap between financial industry and regulators may lead to regulatory failure.

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International Approach to Failing Financial Institutions Sought

Jan 9, 2014 Analysis

U.S. and U.K. regulators stress progress on cross-border agreements.

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U.S. Declines Insurance Liability for One Trillion in Foreign Bank Deposits

Oct 8, 2013 News

New rule protects the FDIC from liability for foreign deposits in the event of U.S. bank failure.

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Former FDIC Head Offers Prescriptions for Fixing Wall Street

Aug 8, 2013 News

In a lecture at Penn, Sheila Bair offers reforms for U.S. financial system.

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TARP Overseer Describes “Lost Opportunity” to Increase Small Business Lending

May 30, 2013 News

Report blames regulators' lack of sufficient oversight in reviewing loan applications.

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Finance Experts Discuss Future of U.S. Housing System

Nov 13, 2012 News

Penn panel focuses on current housing finance regulatory issues.


Failing at Failure: An Institutional Analysis of Dodd-Frank’s Orderly Liquidation Authority

Sep 11, 2012 Opinion

OLA applies an ill-fitting model to financial distress resolution and produces troubling participatory effects.

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Roundtable Illuminates Challenges of Implementing the Volcker Rule

Apr 25, 2012 PPR News

Prominent scholars, practitioners, and policy officials gather to discuss challenges presented by new banking rules.

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GAO Says Dodd-Frank Rulemaking Should be Improved

Dec 22, 2011 Analysis

Financial regulation needs more rigorous analysis and better interagency communication.

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Consumer Choice and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Dec 20, 2011 Analysis

Whether government should prevent consumers from making mistakes remains an open question.

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