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Do Environmental Regulations Really Work?

Nov 24, 2016 Analysis

Scholars argue that environmental laws improve air quality despite increases in U.S. manufacturing output.

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Filling Up the Gas Tank with Corn, Sugar Cane, and Wood

Nov 23, 2016 News

EPA moves to increase support for ethanol and other renewable fuels.

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EPA Finalizes Latest Smog Rule

Nov 10, 2016 News

After a long battle, the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule receives an update.

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Restoring Pollution Prevention and the Concept of Positive Freedom

Nov 2, 2016 Opinion

Scholar espouses a renewed focus on pollution prevention efforts, with an appreciation of government's ability to effect meaningful reform.

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If We Can Fix TSCA, We Can Fix the OSH Act

Sep 12, 2016 Opinion

President Obama recently signed toxics reform; now it is time to fix workplace safety law, too.

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Finality and the Virtues of Jurisdictional Declarations

Jul 12, 2016 Opinion

The Supreme Court sheds light on the finality of Army Corps of Engineers’ jurisdictional determinations.

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The Clean Power Plan Is not Without Precedent

Jun 10, 2016 Analysis

Environmental experts argue that precedent supports contested features of EPA’s major climate change rule.

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New Toxic Chemical Legislation Fails on Federalism

Jun 9, 2016 Opinion

Scholar argues that bill aimed at strengthening safety of chemicals runs afoul of principle of precautionary federalism.

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Are We Making Progress in Valuing Health and Longevity in Regulatory Analysis?

Apr 19, 2016 Opinion

Although agencies have made strides concerning values for mortality risk reductions, more research is needed on these values.

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The Best Way to Implement the Clean Power Plan

Mar 24, 2016 Analysis

Energy policy expert argues that imposing a price on carbon is vital to implementing the Clean Power Plan.

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