Are We Making Progress in Valuing Health and Longevity in Regulatory Analysis?

Apr 19, 2016 Opinion

Although agencies have made strides concerning values for mortality risk reductions, more research is needed on these values.

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The Best Way to Implement the Clean Power Plan

Mar 24, 2016 Analysis

Energy policy expert argues that imposing a price on carbon is vital to implementing the Clean Power Plan.

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Administrative Constitutionalism and Administrative Power

Apr 1, 2015 Books

New book raises the question of when bureaucratic constitutional interpretation is desirable and sustainable.

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New “Sue-and-Settle” Bill is Much Ado About Nothing

Mar 24, 2015 Opinion

Proposed legislation seeking to curb collusive deadline suits misunderstands the administrative process.

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EPA Reform Measures Face White House Opposition

Mar 17, 2015 News

White House claims EPA reform legislation is expensive, unnecessary, and arbitrary.

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EPA Enforcement in a Time of Financial Constraint

Mar 12, 2015 Analysis

Scholar argues that the EPA has to look for cheaper, more efficient enforcement strategies.

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Cancer Study’s Claims About “Bad Luck” May Undermine Preventive Regulation

Mar 3, 2015 Analysis

Journal article blaming “bad luck” for cancer is misleading, say other scientists.

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EPA’s Ozone Standard Is Insufficiently Stringent, Not Overly Expensive

Feb 16, 2015 Opinion

A lower ozone standard means more benefits for Americans.

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EPA Report Finds One-Year Rise in Toxic Pollution

Feb 3, 2015 Analysis

Data show a fifteen percent increase in toxic chemicals released from 2012 to 2013.

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How Should the EPA Modify Carbon Emission Regulation?

Jan 8, 2015 Analysis

Scholars argue that the EPA take a new approach to reducing CO2 emissions.

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