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Environmental Regulation

Joint Rulemaking Aims to Green the Trucking Industry

Oct 20, 2016 News

New standards for heavy-duty trucks are expected to reduce emissions and allow the industry to keep on truckin’.

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LA Cracks Down on “Unreasonable” Water Use

Sep 22, 2016 News

City ordinance amendment institutes harsher penalties for those who flout water restrictions amid drought.

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If We Can Fix TSCA, We Can Fix the OSH Act

Sep 12, 2016 Opinion

President Obama recently signed toxics reform; now it is time to fix workplace safety law, too.

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The Clean Power Plan Is not Without Precedent

Jun 10, 2016 Analysis

Environmental experts argue that precedent supports contested features of EPA’s major climate change rule.

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New Toxic Chemical Legislation Fails on Federalism

Jun 9, 2016 Opinion

Scholar argues that bill aimed at strengthening safety of chemicals runs afoul of principle of precautionary federalism.

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Congress Enacts Infrastructure Reform, but Implementation Lags

Jun 6, 2016 Opinion

Transportation bill aims to bring change and certainty to the implementation of major infrastructure projects.

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Cleaner Clothes Coming to Europe

Jun 2, 2016 News

A recent European Union regulation bans dangerous chemicals in imported apparel.

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National Park Might Not Be So Pet Friendly

May 25, 2016 News

Bay Area canine owners are up in arms over a proposed rule that would limit dog walking.

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The Tragic Flaw of the Clean Air Act

May 17, 2016 Books

Scholars examine the history and consequences of the Clear Air Act's exemption of existing industrial facilities.

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The Origins and Outcomes of the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

Mar 15, 2016 News

Institute for Law and Economics panel examines the automaker’s corporate culture and regulatory violations.

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