Environmental Regulation

What Volkswagen Reveals about the Limits of Performance-Based Regulation

Oct 5, 2015 Opinion

Problems with automaker’s diesel emissions reveal fundamental caution over popular approach to regulation.

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Regulating Marijuana’s Environmental Impacts

Sep 15, 2015 News

California’s proposed medical marijuana standards include environmental protection provisions.

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Legal Challenges to Fracking Regulation

Aug 18, 2015 Analysis

It remains to be seen whether industry efforts to fight hydraulic fracturing regulation will succeed.

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What Is Fair and How Do We Know?

Jul 20, 2015 Analysis

Scholars examine the framing of fairness in debates over Canadian oils sands regulation.

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The Supreme Court Scrutinizes EPA Regulation

Apr 30, 2015 Opinion

At oral arguments, Justices question whether EPA considered costs of regulation at the right time.

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Counting Benefits at the High Court

Apr 29, 2015 Opinion

Considering the costs and benefits of regulation should include indirect effects in the calculation.

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Supreme Court Weighs When Agencies Must Consider Costs

Apr 28, 2015 Opinion

EPA's consideration of costs in regulating toxic air pollutants should prove sufficient.

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High Court Hears Debate Over Costs and Benefits of Regulating Air Pollution

Apr 28, 2015 - Apr 30, 2015 Series

RegBlog features commentaries on this term’s oral arguments in Michigan v. EPA.

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New Regulations Proposed on Arctic Ocean Drilling

Mar 19, 2015 News

Interior Department proposes new regulations for exploratory drilling offshore Alaska.

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EPA’s Ozone Standard Is Insufficiently Stringent, Not Overly Expensive

Feb 16, 2015 Opinion

A lower ozone standard means more benefits for Americans.

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