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Environmental Regulation

The Discount Rate for the Social Cost of Carbon

Jan 18, 2017 Opinion

A Trump Administration proposal that would reduce the social cost of carbon relies on an unjustified discount rate.

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How Geographic Boundaries Determine the Social Cost of Carbon

Jan 17, 2017 Opinion

Considering only the national impact of emissions would be a harmful, misguided move by the Trump administration.

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The Impact of Waiving Environmental Regulations

Nov 28, 2016 PPR News

Recent PPR seminar examines effects on air quality and fuel prices from waiving environmental regulations.

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Do Environmental Regulations Really Work?

Nov 24, 2016 Analysis

Scholars argue that environmental laws improve air quality despite increases in U.S. manufacturing output.

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Filling Up the Gas Tank with Corn, Sugar Cane, and Wood

Nov 23, 2016 News

EPA moves to increase support for ethanol and other renewable fuels.

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The Uncertain Benefits of GMO Labeling

Nov 21, 2016 News

Scholar argues that regulators will have difficulty applying cost-benefit analysis to mandatory GMO labeling.

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EPA Finalizes Latest Smog Rule

Nov 10, 2016 News

After a long battle, the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule receives an update.

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Restoring Pollution Prevention and the Concept of Positive Freedom

Nov 2, 2016 Opinion

Scholar espouses a renewed focus on pollution prevention efforts, with an appreciation of government's ability to effect meaningful reform.

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Valuing a Ton of Particulate Matter

Oct 27, 2016 Opinion

What is the cost of emitting soot into the atmosphere? The answer is unclear, yet it plays an important role in policymaking.

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Joint Rulemaking Aims to Green the Trucking Industry

Oct 20, 2016 News

New standards for heavy-duty trucks are expected to reduce emissions and allow the industry to keep on truckin’.

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