Environmental Regulation

National Park Might Not Be So Pet Friendly

May 25, 2016 News

Bay Area canine owners are up in arms over a proposed rule that would limit dog walking.

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The Tragic Flaw of the Clean Air Act

May 17, 2016 Books

Scholars examine the history and consequences of the Clear Air Act's exemption of existing industrial facilities.

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The Origins and Outcomes of the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

Mar 15, 2016 News

Institute for Law and Economics panel examines the automaker’s corporate culture and regulatory violations.

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Regulating California’s Drought

Feb 16, 2016 News

Despite increased precipitation, conservation remains critical.

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Regulating Renewable Energy

Jan 18, 2016 News

Agencies work with California to tap into the energy potential of the Mojave Desert.

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Climate Change Regulations for the 21st Century

Nov 30, 2015 PPR News

A recent PPR seminar explored environmental policies based on innovation and results.

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Can Food Safety Regulations Lead to Environmental Harm?

Nov 23, 2015 Analysis

Scholar argues that new food safety regime sacrifices environmental well-being.

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Fighting over Front Yards

Oct 26, 2015 News

California lawmakers endorse statewide approach to regulating drought-resistant "lawns."

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Finding Common Ground on the Impacts of Air Pollution Regulation

Oct 13, 2015 Analysis

New study suggests some of the debate over environmental regulation stems from data differences.

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How Soon Can the World’s Electricity Go Carbon-Free?

Oct 7, 2015 Analysis

Nuclear power expansion shows potential for emissions-free electricity by 2050.

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