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A Shift in the Energy Regulatory Regime

Jul 18, 2016 Opinion

Two Supreme Court decisions raise questions about the role of states in emerging electricity markets.

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The Supreme Court’s 2015 Regulatory Term

Jul 11, 2016 Series

RegBlog highlights the regulatory decisions from the Supreme Court's past term.

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Nevada Rate Change Signals the Start of Larger Utilities Battle

May 24, 2016 News

A utility commission decision—criticized for discouraging solar energy—highlights challenges facing the electricity sector.

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NRC Staff Push Agency to Address Escalating Safety Concerns

Apr 28, 2016 Opinion

A recent petition filed by government workers reveals the extent of a growing nuclear safety design problem.

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Supreme Court Mulls Price of Not Using Power

Nov 11, 2015 News

Electricity regulator wants strong incentive to conserve, but one business group says the government is overreaching.

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Using the Constitution to Promote Renewable Energy

Jun 30, 2015 Analysis

Legal scholars argue that the Constitution requires states to consider regional energy needs.

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Chilean Government Proposes Enhancements to Gas Regulation

Apr 21, 2015 News

Bill would take steps to modernize regulatory framework of Chile's natural gas industry.

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FERC Demand Response Resource Order May Be Heading to the Supreme Court

Jan 22, 2015 Opinion

An invalidated agency order aimed at updating the power industry is seeking new life.

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The Nuclear Option for Reducing Climate Change

Dec 18, 2014 Analysis

Debate reignites over whether nuclear energy is an important tool or a costly mistake.

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Experts Debate EPA’s Proposed Clean Power Rule

Dec 15, 2014 PPR News

PPR seminar focuses on controversial proposed rule aimed at combatting climate change.

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