Department of Labor

Regulatory Redo for Temporary Work Visas

Apr 23, 2015 News

Florida district court sends federal agencies back to the drawing board.

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The Celebration Rule

Mar 23, 2015 News

The Department of Labor redefines “spouse” under the Family Medical Leave Act.

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Obama Pushes for Paid Leave Policies for Workers

Mar 9, 2015 News

President tries to push Congress towards more generous paid sick leave for all American workers.

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Analyzing a Universal Basic Income

Feb 9, 2015 Analysis

Is a universal basic income better than unemployment insurance?

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Legislative Changes May Improve the Black Lung Benefits Program

Feb 2, 2015 Analysis

Potential legislation would give coal miners greater access to medical evidence and legal counsel.

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Supreme Court Regulatory Cases to Watch

Oct 16, 2014 Analysis

In its upcoming term, Supreme Court will decide key regulatory issues.

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Achieving Procedural Fairness in Black Lung Benefits Hearings

Aug 14, 2014 Opinion

Black lung disease is increasing, but fewer miners can successfully claim benefits.

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Regulating by Reference

July 1, 2013 - July 2, 2013 Series

RegBlog features an examination of "incorporation by reference" by legal experts on regulation and administrative law.

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We the People of the Internet

Jun 20, 2013 Analysis

White House website collects and responds to public petitions.

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TARP Overseer Describes “Lost Opportunity” to Increase Small Business Lending

May 30, 2013 News

Report blames regulators' lack of sufficient oversight in reviewing loan applications.

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