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Department of Labor

The Future of Occupational Licensing Reform

Jan 30, 2017 Opinion

There has been a massive expansion in the analysis and reform of occupational licensing—a trend to be viewed with dismay.

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Department of Labor Establishes Mandatory Paid Sick Leave

Dec 13, 2016 News

Agency finalizes rule requiring paid sick leave for federal contractors.

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The Regional Reality of Federal Regulation

Oct 4, 2016 PPR News

Penn Law students learn about adjudication and regional enforcement of regulations.

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Defining Overtime Responsibility

Sep 7, 2016 News

The Department of Labor issued guidance defining "joint employers."

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Ensuring a Fair Day’s Pay

Jul 28, 2016 News

A new Philadelphia ordinance allows the city to take steps to stop wage theft.

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Finding a Schedule that Works for Hourly Employees

Apr 14, 2016 News

New York bill would regulate the way some employers manage work schedules.

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New Regulation Could Actually Reduce Access to Investment Advice

Mar 28, 2016 Opinion

Study highlights the potential value of professional investment advice—and the cost of curbing access to it.

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Regulatory Agenda Offers Glimpse Into Obama Adminstration Priorities

Feb 17, 2016 News

Agenda details some of the Administration's high priority rules for 2016.

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Can Regulatory Clarity Increase Retirement Savings?

Dec 17, 2015 Analysis

Federal auditor says that more detailed regulation may expand participation in certain retirement programs.

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Uber, Lyft, and the Employment Battle

Oct 21, 2015 Analysis

Class-action lawsuits filed against ridesharing companies over alleged misclassification of worker’s employment status.

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