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Cost-Benefit Analysis

Donald Trump, the “Workers’ Party” Candidate, on Regulation

Oct 24, 2016 Election 2016

Experts argue that Donald Trump's focus on jobs and worker impacts instead of the application of the net social benefits test is imprudent.

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A Reply to Professor Amy Sinden’s Critique of the “Cost-Benefit State”

Sep 27, 2016 Opinion

Cost-benefit analysis is the most preferable form of analysis, and it should continue to be employed for important regulatory decisions.

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Supreme Court Remains Skeptical of the “Cost-Benefit State”

Sep 26, 2016 Opinion

Recent Court decisions have not created a presumption in favor of formal cost-benefit analysis.

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A Debate Over the Use of Cost-Benefit Analysis

Sep 26, 2016 Series

Previously published RegBlog essay sparks debate over the role that cost-benefit analysis should play in regulatory decision-making.

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Cost-Benefit Analysis and Social Welfare Functions

Sep 19, 2016 Opinion

Cost-benefit analysis has become a routinized part of policymaking. Probing what justifies this methodology helps us to see how it might be..

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Improving Benefit-Cost Analysis by Making it Simpler

Jul 25, 2016 Opinion

Earlier and less burdensome regulatory impact analyses would lead to more transparent, better regulatory decisions.

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Preventing Regulatory Capture

Jun 23, 2016 Opinion

When a regulation’s benefits exceed its costs, simplicity and interdisciplinary processes are essential to reducing capture.

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Challenges in Measuring Regulatory Capture

Jun 22, 2016 Opinion

Regulatory capture, neither inevitable nor a death trap for agencies, must be reduced to advance public policy goals.

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A Forecast of the Next Five Years in Regulation

May 12, 2016 Election 2016

RegBlog’s fifth anniversary prompts illuminating debate about the best path for future regulators.

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A Paradigm Shift in the Cost-Benefit State

Apr 26, 2016 Opinion

A 2009 court decision could spur more cost-benefit analysis in the regulatory process.

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