Cost-Benefit Analysis

The Case for Declining Discount Rates

Apr 7, 2014 Opinion

Why current practices of regulatory analysis undervalue future benefits.

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A Better Way to Study the Effects of Regulation on Employment

Mar 17, 2014 Analysis

New study proposes a better way to take employment effects into account in rulemaking.

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The Unemployment Costs of Regulation

Mar 13, 2014 Analysis

Traditional forms of analysis may underestimate unemployment costs, skewing cost-benefit analysis of regulations.

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Can Risk Assessment Help Us Determine if Regulations Kill Jobs?

Mar 12, 2014 Analysis

Quantitative risk assessment, currently used to evaluate environmental and health hazards, can also analyze regulations' impact on jobs.

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Analyzing Regulation’s Effect on Jobs

Mar 11, 2014 Analysis

Lisa Robinson argues that recent high unemployment highlights the need to assess employment effects of regulation.

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Improving Regulation Requires Closer Scrutiny of Benefits

Feb 25, 2014 Opinion

Many regulations fail to demonstrate a need for agency action.

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Internalizing Cost-Benefit Analysis

Feb 18, 2014 Opinion

Agencies can improve both regulatory analysis and decision-making by establishing internal review capacity.

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The Growing Application of Cost-Benefit Analysis to Financial Regulation

Jan 8, 2014 Analysis

Cost-benefit analysis assumes an increasingly prominent role in financial rulemaking.

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Cost and Benefit Changes During Federal Rulemakings

Dec 23, 2013 Opinion

Data from recent rulemakings do not show that OIRA review systematically lowers estimated benefits and increases estimated costs.

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Do Regulations Kill Jobs?

Nov 4, 2013 PPR News

PPR holds Washington workshop showcasing latest research on employment impacts.

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