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Cost-Benefit Analysis

Systematic Study Shows Improvement in SEC Economic Analysis

Mar 20, 2017 Opinion

Agency sees increased effectiveness after incorporating feedback from courts and academics.

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Making Criminal Justice Pay

Mar 2, 2017 Opinion

Creative policy changes could re-center our criminal justice system.

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The Stunning Triumph of Cost-Cost Analysis

Feb 21, 2017 Opinion

Under President Trump’s executive order, the benefits of new regulations will play no role in regulatory decision-making.

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Nudging Away from Personal Choice

Nov 30, 2016 Opinion

Economist argues that energy-efficiency regulations are riddled with problems and espouses their elimination.

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The Uncertain Benefits of GMO Labeling

Nov 21, 2016 News

Scholar argues that regulators will have difficulty applying cost-benefit analysis to mandatory GMO labeling.

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Hill Briefing Addresses Regulatory Challenges for Next Administration

Nov 4, 2016 News

Public Citizen and the Coalition for Sensible Safeguards convened panels of regulatory experts.

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Red Tape on the Upswing

Oct 31, 2016 Opinion

Experts argue that the number and cost of regulations sharply rose in 2015—at a rate that has held steady in 2016.

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Valuing a Ton of Particulate Matter

Oct 27, 2016 Opinion

What is the cost of emitting soot into the atmosphere? The answer is unclear, yet it plays an important role in policymaking.

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Donald Trump, the “Workers’ Party” Candidate, on Regulation

Oct 24, 2016 Opinion

Experts argue that Donald Trump's focus on jobs and worker impacts instead of the application of the net social benefits test is imprudent.

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A Reply to Professor Amy Sinden’s Critique of the “Cost-Benefit State”

Sep 27, 2016 Opinion

Cost-benefit analysis is the most preferable form of analysis, and it should continue to be employed for important regulatory decisions.

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