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Consumer Protection

Nudging Away from Personal Choice

Nov 30, 2016 Opinion

Economist argues that energy-efficiency regulations are riddled with problems and espouses their elimination.

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Regulations Could be Increasing Consumer Prices

Sep 29, 2016 Analysis

A recent study shows a correlation between regulation and consumer prices.

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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Aims to Lend Borrowers a Helping Hand

Aug 4, 2016 News

Agency proposes rule to stem cycle of loan payments generated by “payday” lending practices.

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Self-Deception and Regulatory Compliance

Aug 2, 2016 Books

Firms vary considerably in how they interpret regulatory commands and signals, posing enforcement challenges.

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Exploring Regulatory Capture’s Unanswered Questions

Jul 4, 2016 Opinion

Rent-seeking and profit-seeking behavior provide valuable insights into the concept of regulatory capture.

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Are Broadband Providers Putting Consumers’ Privacy at Risk?

Mar 23, 2016 News

Advocacy groups push the FCC to address data sharing among Internet companies.

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Hoverboard Regulations Attempt to Balance Safety and Fun

Mar 9, 2016 News

Philadelphia City Council considers hoverboard restrictions for young users.

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YouTube Faces Complaints Over Junk Food Ads

Jan 21, 2016 Analysis

Consumer advocacy groups call on the FTC to investigate allegedly kid-inappropriate content.

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FCC Takes Aim at Robocalls

Nov 17, 2015 News

Agency announces release of consumer data in latest effort to combat auto-dialed telemarketing calls.

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Capturing Uber Efficiency with Smart Regulation

Nov 12, 2015 Analysis

Scholars offer framework for better regulating sharing economy firms.

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