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Chemical Regulation

If We Can Fix TSCA, We Can Fix the OSH Act

Sep 12, 2016 Opinion

President Obama recently signed toxics reform; now it is time to fix workplace safety law, too.

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New Toxic Chemical Legislation Fails on Federalism

Jun 9, 2016 Opinion

Scholar argues that bill aimed at strengthening safety of chemicals runs afoul of principle of precautionary federalism.

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The Regulatory System May Not Be Ready for Synthetic Organisms

Jul 15, 2015 Analysis

As researchers develop organisms that fuel your car, scholars warn that current regulations are not adequate.

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Should Chemical Regulation Be Stronger?

Feb 12, 2014 Analysis

West Virginia chemical spill raises question of whether better regulation is needed.

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TSCA and the Proposed Chemical Safety Improvement Act

Sep 19, 2013 Opinion

Despite limitations, proposed legislation would improve regulation of chemicals.

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EPA Proposes More Oversight of Manufacture and Import of Chemicals

Apr 4, 2012 News

EPA plans to monitor five groups of chemicals to prevent harmful new uses.

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EPA Releases Plan to Review Environmental Regulations

Jul 5, 2011 News

Following Executive Order 13563, EPA plans to review and revise some of its rules.

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