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Price Manipulation Charges Trigger Expanded Investigation into Precious Metals Trading

Nov 25, 2015 Analysis

Regulators around the world investigate allegations that some banks artificially adjust precious metals prices.

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Do Regulators Listen to the Public?

Jun 24, 2014 Analysis

New study suggests agencies primarily listen to industry insiders in finalizing rules.

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The Battle over Transatlantic Financial Regulation

Mar 19, 2014 Opinion

Improved diplomatic processes would help strengthen international economic cooperation.

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OMB Releases Draft of Annual Report on Regulation’s Impacts

Jun 5, 2013 Analysis

Major rules, especially EPA's, potentially create enormous net benefits.

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President Obama’s Budget Sets Regulatory Priorities Too

Apr 18, 2013 Opinion

The proposed budget identifies the administration's regulatory priorities.

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Which Federal Agency Can Police Futures Markets?

Apr 11, 2013 News

Federal appeals court holds that CFTC has exclusive regulatory authority over energy futures markets.


House Bill Aims to Merge the SEC and CFTC

Dec 13, 2012 News

New "Securities and Derivatives Commission" proposed by Barney Frank.

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Crackdown Forces Intrade to Drop Americans

Dec 4, 2012 News

CFTC charges Intrade with illegal off-exchange options trading.


SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro is Stepping Down

Nov 28, 2012 News

President Obama names SEC Commissioner Elisse Walter to assume role of Chairman.

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Discussion of Securities Market “Kill Switch” Dominates SEC Roundtable

Oct 17, 2012 News

Experts discuss ways to freeze trading to stop runaway computer errors.

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