Applying Tobacco Tax Lessons to Sugary Drinks

Aug 27, 2015 Analysis

Scholar says price minimums and prohibitions on discounts must accompany sugary beverage taxes.

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How Fear Can Help Fight Ebola

Oct 21, 2014 Opinion

Public fears of Ebola give health officials an opportunity to harness public attention for greater good.

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Will a Proposed E-Cigarette Rule Adequately Protect Youth?

Aug 6, 2014 Analysis

The FDA recently proposed a rule on e-cigarettes, but critics claim key protections are still needed.

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A New Tax-and-Spend Strategy to Fight Obesity

Jan 6, 2014 Analysis

Scholar proposes a manufacturers’ excise tax to fund obesity-prevention efforts.

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Agencies Collaborate to Combat the Creation and Spread of “Super Bugs”

Oct 9, 2013 News

Report highlights CDC’s efforts to combat the threat of antibiotic resistance.

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Does Regulation Work?

Aug 14, 2013 Opinion

Better tools are needed to evaluate regulatory effectiveness.

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Agencies Act to Address Risks from Sun Exposure

May 27, 2013 News

U.S. government takes measures to protect public from excessive sun exposure.

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Proposed Rule Imposes Spending Ratio on Insurers in Medicare Contracts

Apr 9, 2013 News

Rule would establish minimum health care spending requirements for some Medicare plans.

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USDA Proposes “Smart Snacks in School” Rule

Mar 13, 2013 Analysis

States show varied levels of readiness for the new rule.

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Improving Drug Safety Regulation after the Meningitis Outbreak

Jan 28, 2013 Opinion

Congress should provide FDA with clearer authority and increased resources.

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