The Misguided Manifesto of Regulatory Reform

May 2, 2016 Opinion

Recent proposed legislation may weaken key regulatory and law enforcement mechanisms.

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An Easier Way to Untangle Regulatory Knots

Apr 6, 2015 Opinion

Congress could help agencies reduce regulatory redundancies by passing a single law.

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EPA Enforcement in a Time of Financial Constraint

Mar 12, 2015 Analysis

Scholar argues that the EPA has to look for cheaper, more efficient enforcement strategies.

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Do Federal Regulations Impede Economic Growth?

Apr 3, 2013 Analysis

Study finds increasing federal regulation does not impede GDP or job growth.

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The Administrative President

Jan 21, 2013 Opinion

In his second term, President Obama will seek even more policy change by influencing federal administrative agencies.

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Implementing Sequestration

Nov 12, 2012 Analysis

Understanding the process reveals why the fiscal cliff should be avoided.

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Ryan’s Record on Regulation

Aug 16, 2012 Analysis

Presumptive Republican veep nominee has proposed cutting agency funding and deregulating industries.

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Federal Register Will No Longer Be Printed, Obama Says

Jun 22, 2011 News

The federal government's daily publication will appear online only.

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PAYGO Proposed to Manage Agency Regulations

May 5, 2011 Analysis

Could regulatory PAYGO work like legislative PAYGO?

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Patent Reform Bill Passes Senate, Taken Up By House

Apr 19, 2011 News

Most substantial reforms in half century proposed for the U.S. patent system

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