Affordable Care Act

Implementing Health Care Reform During a Political Stalemate

Jan 27, 2016 Analysis

Nicholas Bagley analyzes expanding executive power in the name of health care reform.

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Supreme Court Ruling Preserves Health Insurance Subsidies

Jul 10, 2015 Analysis

Supreme Court held that Affordable Care Act’s tax credits can apply to Americans in every state.

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How Health Care Providers View Meaningful Use

May 14, 2015 Analysis

Researchers assess providers’ views on government incentives for electronic health records.

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Obamacare Menu Labeling Laws May Pose Challenges for Small Chains

Apr 7, 2015 News

The FDA drafts guidance to help small restaurant and food retail chains comply with new menu labeling rules.

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Obamacare Could Improve Prisoner Healthcare and Save States Money

Oct 28, 2014 Analysis

Medicaid expansion creates incentives for states to provide inmates with health care services.

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Politics, Law, and Presidential Power

Aug 18, 2014 Opinion

Disputes about the limits of executive power cannot be productively resolved by appeals to the Constitution.

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How Well is Obamacare Working?

May 13, 2014 PPR News

Panel of Penn experts share latest research on the Affordable Care Act’s implementation.

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Health Care Reform Goes Back to Court

Jul 15, 2013 News

Lawsuits challenge the implementation of Obamacare.

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HHS Issues Another Rule on Contraceptive Mandate

Jul 10, 2013 News

Agency has finally issued its new rule on contraceptive coverage.

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Transforming the Nature of Drug Safety Regulation

Jun 17, 2013 Opinion

Using retrospective drug safety data can improve patient care.

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