Affordable Care Act

How Well is Obamacare Working?

May 13, 2014 PPR News

Panel of Penn experts share latest research on the Affordable Care Act’s implementation.

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Health Care Reform Goes Back to Court

Jul 15, 2013 News

Lawsuits challenge the implementation of Obamacare.

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HHS Issues Another Rule on Contraceptive Mandate

Jul 10, 2013 News

Agency has finally issued its new rule on contraceptive coverage.

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Transforming the Nature of Drug Safety Regulation

Jun 17, 2013 Opinion

Using retrospective drug safety data can improve patient care.

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Real State Power Means Getting in the Obamacare Game

May 6, 2013 Opinion

Embracing the implementation of Obamacare could give states greater power.

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President Obama’s Budget Sets Regulatory Priorities Too

Apr 18, 2013 Opinion

The proposed budget identifies the administration's regulatory priorities.

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Proposed Rule Imposes Spending Ratio on Insurers in Medicare Contracts

Apr 9, 2013 News

Rule would establish minimum health care spending requirements for some Medicare plans.

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GAO Calls on Agencies to Respond to All Comments

Mar 12, 2013 Analysis

Report advocates for a better use of public input.

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Improving Insurance Decision Making

Mar 4, 2013 Opinion

Insurance, if better understood, holds great promise for businesses, consumers, and more.

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Will OMB Make the Right Decision on Menu Labeling?

Feb 20, 2013 Opinion

Requiring grocery stores to display calories may be too costly for its purported benefits.

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