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Administrative Law

The Role of Federal Judges in the Modern Administrative State

Mar 27, 2017 Opinion

Judge Gorsuch's confirmation hearing offers an opportunity to assess a judge's philosophy on the judiciary's role under the Constitution.

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Measuring the Obama Administration’s Historic Midnight Surge

Feb 6, 2017 Opinion

Scholars model the impact of regulations issued in the final months of the Obama Administration.

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The Public Interest in Public Securities Settlements

Feb 1, 2017 News

Legal scholar argues SEC settlements after Dodd-Frank create potential costs for defendants and the public.

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Can Canada School Trump on Regulatory Reform?

Jan 26, 2017 Analysis

As Trump takes aim at regulation, Canada’s experience with regulatory budgeting offers a possible template.

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Unraveling Trump’s “Two-for-One” Regulatory Reform Plan

Jan 24, 2017 Analysis

Scholar considers how costs and benefits might be calculated under a regulatory offsets system.

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Inside Agency Class Actions

Nov 7, 2016 Opinion

Most agencies enjoy authority to aggregate cases and would benefit from doing so, but very few actually do.

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The Regional Reality of Federal Regulation

Oct 4, 2016 PPR News

Penn Law students learn about adjudication and regional enforcement of regulations.

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Cost-Benefit Analysis and Social Welfare Functions

Sep 19, 2016 Opinion

Cost-benefit analysis has become a routinized part of policymaking. Probing what justifies this methodology helps us to see how it might be..

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Independent Regulatory Agencies Are Not Likely to Be Part of President Obama’s Midnight Rulemaking

Sep 15, 2016 Opinion

A recent report suggests that unlike executive agencies, independent agencies get to continue dancing right past midnight.

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Quantitative Models Predict Historic Obama Midnight Surge

Sep 14, 2016 Opinion

Research forecasts a substantial increase in economically significant rules that would outpace that of the past three presidents' final..

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