Administrative Law

The Misguided Manifesto of Regulatory Reform

May 2, 2016 Opinion

Recent proposed legislation may weaken key regulatory and law enforcement mechanisms.

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April 18, 2016 - May 12, 2016 Series

In commemoration of RegBlog's fifth anniversary, experts looks back on the last five years of regulation before looking forward to the

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Solving Brazil’s Bribery Scandals

Apr 14, 2016 News

Brazilian prosecutors hope to curb corruption with new laws—but critics say they go too far.

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Justice Scalia’s Greatest Hits in Administrative Law

Feb 19, 2016 News

RegBlog reflects on the late Justice Scalia’s most consequential—and colorful—opinions in administrative law.

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The Problem with Delegation

Dec 2, 2015 Analysis

Legal scholar argues that delegation poses a threat to the separation of powers.

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Regulatory Writing Competition Winners

July 21, 2015 - July 23, 2015 Series

RegBlog features the winners of Penn Law administrative essay writing competition.

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Why Federal Courts Should Defer to the PTO in Trademark Disputes

Jun 2, 2015 Analysis

Legal scholar makes the case for courts deferring to agency's trademark determinations.

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Appreciating The Workplace Constitution

Apr 3, 2015 Books

Sophia Lee’s new book makes contributions to the fields of constitutional law, labor law, employment discrimination, and administrative..

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A Contribution to Both Legal History and Constitutional Theory

Apr 2, 2015 Books

The Workplace Constitution Reveals that the U.S. Constitution lacks any particular political valence.

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Administering the Workplace Constitution

Mar 30, 2015 Books

The Constitution is distinct and alive in the administrative state.

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