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Administrative Law

Fighting Regulatory Capture in the 21st Century

Jun 16, 2016 Opinion

Closer congressional supervision can prevent special interests from dominating the regulatory process.

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How Government Can Root Out Regulatory Capture

Jun 15, 2016 Opinion

It is time for government to stop private interests from gaining improper influence over regulators.

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Corporate Capture of the Rulemaking Process

Jun 14, 2016 Opinion

The right regulatory reforms can level the playing field between the public and powerful corporate players.

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Productivity, Inequality, and Economic Rents

Jun 13, 2016 Opinion

Curbing excessive economic rents might bolster productivity and address rising inequality.

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Rooting Out Regulatory Capture

Jun 13, 2016 Series

Distinguished public servants and scholars examine critical issues concerning regulatory capture—and offer solutions on its eradication.

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Is Quantified Cost-Benefit Analysis a Requirement for Rulemaking?

Jun 1, 2016 Analysis

Administrative law expert explores whether agencies must always use numbers to justify new rules.

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The Misguided Manifesto of Regulatory Reform

May 2, 2016 Opinion

Recent proposed legislation may weaken key regulatory and law enforcement mechanisms.

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April 18, 2016 - May 12, 2016 Series

In commemoration of RegBlog's fifth anniversary, experts looks back on the last five years of regulation before looking forward to the

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Solving Brazil’s Bribery Scandals

Apr 14, 2016 News

Brazilian prosecutors hope to curb corruption with new laws—but critics say they go too far.

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Justice Scalia’s Greatest Hits in Administrative Law

Feb 19, 2016 News

RegBlog reflects on the late Justice Scalia’s most consequential—and colorful—opinions in administrative law.

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