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Cost-Benefit Analysis and Social Welfare Functions

Sep 19, 2016 Opinion

Cost-benefit analysis has become a routinized part of policymaking. Probing what justifies this methodology helps us to see how it might be..

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Independent Regulatory Agencies Are Not Likely to Be Part of President Obama’s Midnight Rulemaking

Sep 15, 2016 Opinion

A recent report suggests that unlike executive agencies, independent agencies get to continue dancing right past midnight.

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Quantitative Models Predict Historic Obama Midnight Surge

Sep 14, 2016 Opinion

Research forecasts a substantial increase in economically significant rules that would outpace that of the past three presidents' final..

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OMB’s Resource Management Offices and Agency Policy Control

Sep 6, 2016 Editor's Choice

Now is a good time to focus on the opportunities for the centralized control of the administrative state that the RMOs provide.

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Rethinking the Compliance Curriculum

Aug 18, 2016 Opinion

Compliance classes should differ depending on students’ career paths and types of risks the class addresses.

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A Different Approach to Teaching Regulatory Law and Policy

Aug 17, 2016 Opinion

Addressing how policy and law influence regulation is a critical—and overlooked—part of regulatory curriculum.

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Designing a Broader Regulatory Practice Curriculum

Aug 15, 2016 Opinion

Law schools need to create a comprehensive curricular path for students who are pursuing regulatory careers.

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Innovations in Teaching Regulatory Law

Aug 15, 2016 Series

Legal scholars present new ways to teach students regulatory law against the backdrop of an expanding regulatory state.

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Should Administrative Agencies Adopt Class Action Procedures?

Aug 10, 2016 News

Responding to significant agency backlogs, a new report recommends class action-type procedures.

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Legal Adaptive Capacity and How Agencies Respond to Change

Aug 8, 2016 Opinion

The adaptability of the goals pursued in an agency’s organic statute influences the agency’s response to climate change.

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