Administrative Law

Citizen Feedback in Chinese Policymaking

Oct 7, 2013 Opinion

Officials increasingly consult with an engaged public when setting policy.

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The History of Precaution

Sep 23, 2013 Opinion

An analysis of legal traditions provides insight into transnational regulatory relations.

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Inside Baseball: The Nature of OIRA’s Work

Sep 11, 2013 Opinion

The regulatory review process engages a wide range of actors.

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Regulatory Cooperation in the TTIP

Aug 27, 2013 Opinion

Coordination between the U.S. and the EU can foster better trade and improved outcomes.

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Agencies May Differ from their Expert Scientific Panels

Jul 30, 2013 Opinion

D.C. Circuit's decision on ozone regulation has implications for science and policy in agencies.

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RegBlog Announces 2013-14 Editorial Board

Jul 25, 2013 PPR News

Incoming Board plans to spread the reach of RegBlog's mix of regulatory news, analysis, and opinion.

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We Need Full Public Access to the Law

Jul 1, 2013 Opinion

Federal agencies must guarantee that all regulatory provisions are fully, publicly available.

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Tax Administration and the “Force of Law”

Jun 24, 2013 Opinion

Current tax administration reveals agencies' muddled application of "force of law" determinations.

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Using a Compliance Cost Cap to Constrain Regulation

Jun 13, 2013 Analysis

Forthcoming paper proposes firm limits be set on costs of regulatory policy.

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We Live in an Interagency World

May 28, 2013 Opinion

Despite conventional wisdom, agency coordination can sometimes improve presidential control.

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