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The Department of Education’s Power to Cancel Student Debt

Jan 4, 2017

Despite the breadth of the Department of Educations’s debt-cancellation powers, it has failed to employ its powers to their fullest..

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Regulatory Year in Review: 2016

Dec 26, 2016

RegBlog celebrates the year 2016's developments in regulatory news, analysis, and opinion.

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Artificial Intelligence and the Administrative State

Dec 19, 2016

No rubric exists to decide how to navigate the use of automation in the administrative state, but society can make informed choices.

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A Debate Over the Use of Cost-Benefit Analysis

Sep 26, 2016

Previously published RegBlog essay sparks debate over the role that cost-benefit analysis should play in regulatory decision-making.

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Innovations in Teaching Regulatory Law

Aug 15, 2016

Legal scholars present new ways to teach students regulatory law against the backdrop of an expanding regulatory state.

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U.S. Election 2016

Jul 25, 2016

RegBlog unveils its special election feature, starting with daily, on-site reporting on the Democratic National Convention.

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The Supreme Court’s 2016 Regulatory Term

Jul 11, 2016

RegBlog highlights the regulatory decisions from the Supreme Court's past term.

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Rooting Out Regulatory Capture

Jun 13, 2016

Distinguished public servants and scholars examine critical issues concerning regulatory capture—and offer solutions on its eradication.

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April 18, 2016 - May 12, 2016

In commemoration of RegBlog's fifth anniversary, experts looks back on the last five years of regulation before looking forward to the

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Improving Higher Education Regulation

April 4, 2016 - April 12, 2016

In a six-part series, Professor Wendell Pritchett explains why reforming higher education requires careful analysis of the fundamentals of..

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