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Should the Education Department Hear Class Actions when Colleges Collapse?

Oct 10, 2016

The agency’s proposal to streamline student loan forgiveness claims is laudable, with its potential for a fairer, more efficient process.

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How OSHA Can Succeed with the Cards It Is Dealt

Oct 3, 2016

Despite its wide-ranging capabilities, OSHA has often let its detractors have their way. To combat this, it should enlist partners in all..

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A Reply to Professor Amy Sinden’s Critique of the “Cost-Benefit State”

Sep 27, 2016

Cost-benefit analysis is the most preferable form of analysis, and it should continue to be employed for important regulatory decisions.

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Supreme Court Remains Skeptical of the “Cost-Benefit State”

Sep 26, 2016

Recent Court decisions have not created a presumption in favor of formal cost-benefit analysis.

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Cost-Benefit Analysis and Social Welfare Functions

Sep 19, 2016

Cost-benefit analysis has become a routinized part of policymaking. Probing what justifies this methodology helps us to see how it might be..

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Independent Regulatory Agencies Are Not Likely to Be Part of President Obama’s Midnight Rulemaking

Sep 15, 2016

A recent report suggests that unlike executive agencies, independent agencies get to continue dancing right past midnight.

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Quantitative Models Predict Historic Obama Midnight Surge

Sep 14, 2016

Research forecasts a substantial increase in economically significant rules that would outpace that of the past three presidents' final..

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If We Can Fix TSCA, We Can Fix the OSH Act

Sep 12, 2016

President Obama recently signed toxics reform; now it is time to fix workplace safety law, too.

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OMB’s Resource Management Offices and Agency Policy Control

Sep 6, 2016

Now is a good time to focus on the opportunities for the centralized control of the administrative state that the RMOs provide.

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Teaching Regulatory Law Through Online Publishing

Aug 22, 2016

Students who participate in RegBlog gain in-depth knowledge about regulation and hone vital professional skills.

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