A New Way to Measure Industry-Level Regulation

Dec 9, 2014

New dataset provides researchers new opportunities for analyzing regulatory impacts.

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Why We Need to Measure Regulation

Dec 8, 2014

Answering key questions about regulation requires better data.

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Dodd-Frank’s Regulatory Morass

Nov 10, 2014

The costly implementation of the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act stems from the law’s political origins.

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Predicting Regulatory Delay

Nov 3, 2014

New model aims to predict how long it takes rules to be published after they clear OIRA review.

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There is More to Mandatory Disclosure than Meets the Eye

Oct 27, 2014

"Targeted transparency" can help achieve regulatory and regulated entity goals.

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How Fear Can Help Fight Ebola

Oct 21, 2014

Public fears of Ebola give health officials an opportunity to harness public attention for greater good.

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Interstate Medical Licensure and Emergency Response

Oct 20, 2014

Adoption of new model legislation could improve medical response to public health crises and disasters.

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Rethinking States’ Role in Federal Rulemaking

Oct 15, 2014

By understanding key tradeoffs, federal agencies can enhance state participation in the regulatory process.

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Regulatory Policy and the Brazilian Presidential Election

Oct 8, 2014

Electoral results indicate Brazilians remain divided over regulatory policy.

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The Advantages of Private Certification Over Government Regulation

Oct 6, 2014

Private certification may better achieve regulatory goals than governments and regulatory agencies.

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