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Discretion and Judicial Review in European Environmental Law

Mar 21, 2017

Balancing the discretion afforded to multinational and domestic authorities presents special challenges to judges in ensuring effective..

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Systematic Study Shows Improvement in SEC Economic Analysis

Mar 20, 2017

Agency sees increased effectiveness after incorporating feedback from courts and academics.

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It Takes “Alternative Math” to Claim That Redistribution Is Futile

Mar 16, 2017

A regulation that provides a benefit in excess of a cost while helping the disadvantaged subsets of society should be seen as doubly wise.

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Encourage Vaping to Help Reduce Smoking

Mar 13, 2017

Scholar argues that governments should embrace vaping’s smoking-cessation potential.

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Bank Culture in the Trump Era

Mar 10, 2017

Scholar examines the ways in which bank culture contributed to the financial crisis—and their implications for the Trump Administration.

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Evaluating Police Use of Force

Mar 9, 2017

Some states are using regulatory approaches to ensure the accountability of law enforcement officials.

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Move Criminal Justice Forward

Mar 6, 2017

The Trump Administration’s ill-advised “law and order” approach to policing should be eschewed in favor of procedural justice.

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Making Criminal Justice Pay

Mar 2, 2017

Creative policy changes could re-center our criminal justice system.

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A Policing Model For the 21st Century

Mar 1, 2017

Concerns surrounding police use of force highlight the urgent need for law enforcement reform.

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The Need for a Trauma-Informed Approach to Female Incarceration

Feb 28, 2017

Given the growing number of female prisoners, our incarceration system needs to focus more on women’s needs.

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