Black Friday Flourishes as Blue Laws Fade

Nov 26, 2015

Sales encroach on Thanksgiving Day festivities as moral laws restricting holiday retail sales disappear.

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Fifth Circuit Panel Blocks Immigration Program

Nov 19, 2015

Court holds that Obama Administration plan to allow up to 4 million illegal immigrants to work legally in U.S. violates administrative law.

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Daily Fantasy Sports Companies Take a Hit

Nov 18, 2015

New York Attorney General issues a letter ordering two major fantasy sports websites to cease all online bets with New York residents.

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FCC Takes Aim at Robocalls

Nov 17, 2015

Agency announces release of consumer data in latest effort to combat auto-dialed telemarketing calls.

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Supreme Court Mulls Price of Not Using Power

Nov 11, 2015

Electricity regulator wants strong incentive to conserve, but one business group says the government is overreaching.

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CFPB Announces Plan to Allow Class Action Suits

Nov 5, 2015

Consumer protection agency wants to promote private enforcement of finance laws.

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Stopping Contaminated Food Hazards Before They Arise

Nov 3, 2015

New agency rule focuses on preventing risks to food meant for human consumption.

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Fighting over Front Yards

Oct 26, 2015

California lawmakers endorse statewide approach to regulating drought-resistant "lawns."

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EPA Announces Updated Pesticide Protection Standards for Farmworkers

Oct 6, 2015

Agency’s final rule aims to strengthen safeguards and make them comparable to those in other industries.

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The FDA’s Sweet Proposal on Food Labels

Oct 1, 2015

The FDA has proposed adding to product labels daily percentages for added sugars.

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