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Can Securities Regulation Stymie Conflict in Africa?

Jun 8, 2016

Challenges loom concerning the implementation of a Dodd-Frank provision requiring companies to disclose source minerals from war-torn..

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Cleaner Clothes Coming to Europe

Jun 2, 2016

A recent European Union regulation bans dangerous chemicals in imported apparel.

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First-ever Incentive Auction Finally Begins

May 30, 2016

FCC launches complex process to reallocate airwaves for broadcasters and wireless companies.

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States Move to Regulate Fantasy Sports

May 26, 2016

Numerous states are considering legislation to permit fantasy sports betting.

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National Park Might Not Be So Pet Friendly

May 25, 2016

Bay Area canine owners are up in arms over a proposed rule that would limit dog walking.

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Nevada Rate Change Signals the Start of Larger Utilities Battle

May 24, 2016

A utility commission decision—criticized for discouraging solar energy—highlights challenges facing the electricity sector.

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Move Over 4G LTE, Get Ready for 5G

May 23, 2016

Industry and regulators move forward on next generation wireless broadband.

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Washington State Adds Safety Rules for Trains Hauling Oil

May 19, 2016

Railroads face new financial and signage requirements in the Evergreen State.

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Federal Government Allows College to Pay Clinton Campaign Intern

May 18, 2016

Federal Election Commission says that tax-exempt universities may provide cash stipends to unpaid campaign interns.

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Finding a Schedule that Works for Hourly Employees

Apr 14, 2016

New York bill would regulate the way some employers manage work schedules.

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