Federal Agency Moves to Enhance Safety of Public Transportation Systems

Aug 26, 2015

The Federal Transit Administration issued a proposed rule to increase monitoring of public transit systems.

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White House Announces International Development Partnerships

Aug 20, 2015

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew leads delegation to U.N. conference on development finance.

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Last Licks for Baseball’s Chewing Tobacco Habit

Aug 19, 2015

City and state officials seek to ban chewing tobacco from sports stadiums around the country.

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Do Occupational Licenses Keep Consumers Safer?

Aug 13, 2015

Recently released White House report criticizes the rise of occupational licenses, suggests improvements.

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Challenges to Country-of-Origin Food Labels

Aug 6, 2015

House passes bill to repeal mandatory country-of-origin labels on meat products.

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New Regulation Seeks to Combat Housing Segregation

Jul 16, 2015

HUD rule aims to clarify fair housing obligations and promote residential integration.

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NHTSA Proposes Rule to Curb Substandard Motorcycle Helmets

Jul 2, 2015

Motorcyclists and law enforcement officials disagree over the necessity of proposed changes to helmet standards.

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RegBlog Reading List on Waters of the U.S. Rule

Jun 11, 2015

RegBlog's go to resources for understanding the newly released Clean Water Rule.

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Are Health Care Antiseptics Safe and Effective for Medical Professionals?

May 27, 2015

The FDA asks for new data on the safety and efficacy of antiseptics used in hospitals and other health care settings.

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Electronic Medicare Cards Could Reduce Fraud, Improve Care

May 25, 2015

GAO report suggests replacing paper Medicare cards with newer technology.

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