EPA Announces Updated Pesticide Protection Standards for Farmworkers

Oct 6, 2015

Agency’s final rule aims to strengthen safeguards and make them comparable to those in other industries.

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The FDA’s Sweet Proposal on Food Labels

Oct 1, 2015

The FDA has proposed adding to product labels daily percentages for added sugars.

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How Philadelphia Ensured Public Safety During the Pope’s Visit

Sep 30, 2015

The Pope did not have to worry about his safety in the City of Brotherly Love last weekend.

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Federal Agency Tackles Discrimination in Health Care

Sep 24, 2015

A proposed rule would offer patients protection from certain types of discrimination.

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Recreational Drones Present Enforcement Issues for FAA

Sep 23, 2015

Agency seeks to crack down on rogue drone operators in the face of limited legal authority and resources.

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Crowds May Cause New End to the Appalachian Trail

Sep 21, 2015

State park officials consider re-routing the Appalachian Trail away from Mount Katahdin in response to growing crowds.

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Regulating Marijuana’s Environmental Impacts

Sep 15, 2015

California’s proposed medical marijuana standards include environmental protection provisions.

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NYC Bill Would Have Kids Trade Calories for Toys

Sep 14, 2015

New research finds that kids would consume fewer calories under proposed fast-food standards.

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Regulating Labor Day Parades

Sep 7, 2015

Local regulations help ensure that holiday celebrations go off without a hitch.

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Pennsylvania Seeks New Approach to Long-Term Medicaid Services

Sep 3, 2015

State explores Medicaid changes to improve care for the elderly and persons with disabilities.

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