Agency Seeks Total Monitoring of Inmates

Apr 17, 2014

Prison Bureau proposal would expand surveillance of the most dangerous prisoners.

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Indiana Becomes First State to Abandon “Common Core” Educational Standards

Apr 16, 2014

New state law requires Indiana to establish its own education standards and benchmarks.

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Inflating Civil Penalties

Apr 2, 2014

FDA adjusts maximum civil money penalties to account for inflation.

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Former Commissioner Speaks About SEC’s Role in Rapidly Changing Market

Mar 27, 2014

Troy A. Paredes offers his views on recent regulatory developments at a Penn seminar.

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EPA Adopts Stricter Standards to Clean Up Auto Exhaust

Mar 26, 2014

EPA finalized new rules on sulfur in gasoline and tailpipe emissions as part of clean car program.

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ConEd Invests $1 Billion in Infrastructure Resilient to Climate Change

Mar 25, 2014

For the first time, NY utility commission orders climate adaptation measures.


House Subcommittee Considers Scrubbing Away “Burdensome” Regulations

Mar 6, 2014

New bill would empower an independent commission to force agencies to eliminate or amend rules.

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Unmasking Patent Trolls

Feb 20, 2014

Patent and Trademark Office proposes rule that would seek to increase transparency in patent ownership.

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Could Financial Services Save the Postal Service?

Feb 19, 2014

Controversial new report argues that postal banking could help the underserved while boosting revenues.

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No Country for Large Profits: G20 Endorses Plan to Update Tax Rules

Jan 7, 2014

OECD plan lays out new rules for addressing corporate tax avoidance.

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