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Fat Taxes in Europe

Jun 5, 2012 Analysis

Although the EU probably has the legal authority to impose "fat taxes," the policy case for doing so needs to be stronger.

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Increasing Enforcement to Reduce Pollution

May 17, 2012 Analysis

Research finds decreased pollution after agencies take enforcement actions.

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The Value of Increasing Unlicensed Spectrum

May 16, 2012 Analysis

Increasing unlicensed spectrum could increase social welfare.

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The Role of Regulation in Preventing Obesity

Jan 4, 2012 Analysis

Legal scholar argues for combating obesity by regulating advertising and providing economic incentives.

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The Federal Reserve Issues a New Rule Restricting Mortgage Brokers’ Compensation

Mar 25, 2011 News

Federal Reserve issues a new rule to protect consumers from unfair mortgage practices

Congressional Republicans Seek to Put the “REINS” on Costly Agency Rulemaking

Feb 20, 2011 News

Republican legislation would require Congress to approve major rules passed by federal agencies

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