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The Role of Distributional Impacts in Cost-Benefit Analysis

Apr 24, 2014 Analysis

How do agencies use distributional effects in regulatory impact analyses?

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The Democratic Case for Job Impact Analysis

Mar 18, 2014 Analysis

Integrating employment effects into regulatory impact analysis could improve the public debate on regulation.

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Analyzing Regulation’s Effect on Jobs

Mar 11, 2014 Analysis

Lisa Robinson argues that recent high unemployment highlights the need to assess employment effects of regulation.

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Behavioral Science in the Regulatory State

Jan 27, 2014 Analysis

New research paper examines the challenges and opportunities of a behavioral approach to regulation.

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A New Tax-and-Spend Strategy to Fight Obesity

Jan 6, 2014 Analysis

Scholar proposes a manufacturers’ excise tax to fund obesity-prevention efforts.

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The Case for Structural Reform

Oct 29, 2013 Analysis

IMF study stresses need for structural bank reforms to prevent future bailouts.

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