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EPA’s Ozone Standard Is Insufficiently Stringent, Not Overly Expensive

Feb 16, 2015 Opinion

A lower ozone standard means more benefits for Americans.

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What We (Should) Talk About When We Talk About Green Growth

Mar 3, 2014 Opinion

How defining green growth will create better environmental policy.

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The Anti-Capture Justification for Regulatory Review

Dec 2, 2013 Opinion

Better understanding of OIRA’s role – and its rationale – provides a new agenda for reform.

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Environmental Cost-Benefit Analysis Spreads to Developing World

May 13, 2013 Opinion

Despite challenges, cost-benefit analysis can serve as an effective tool worldwide.

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Unbalanced Retrospective Regulatory Review

Jul 12, 2012 Opinion

Despite their potential, current retrospective reviews do not yet provide substantive reforms.