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White House Completes Review of ADA Revisions

Oct 1, 2013 News

Industries brace for potential new disability accommodation obligations.

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Recess Appointments Ruling Reveals Insight in Constitutional Theories

Aug 29, 2013 Analysis

Cass Sunstein analyzes recent ruling through the lenses of originalism and Burkeanism.


SEC Guidance on Social Media and Business Disclosures Stirs Controversy

Apr 17, 2013 News

Many business professionals find SEC's social media guidance insufficient.


EPA Proposes to Increase Fuel Ethanol Content Standards

Feb 21, 2013 News

Despite criticisms, proposed 2013 biofuel requirements remain high.

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Improving Crisis-driven Financial Regulation

Jan 14, 2013 Analysis

Sunsetting and a dedicated review process would reduce risk of error in crisis-driven financial regulation.


House Bill Aims to Merge the SEC and CFTC

Dec 13, 2012 News

New "Securities and Derivatives Commission" proposed by Barney Frank.

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FERC Proposes Rule to Improve the Reliability of the Power Grid

Nov 7, 2012 News

Proposed rule intended to enhance power grid's ability to withstand solar storms.

Indian Supreme Court Says Resource Auctions Are Not Required

Oct 25, 2012 News

Advisory opinion seeks to clarify how government may allocate natural resources.


EU Reveals New Strategy to Improve Online Privacy

Feb 9, 2012 News

Proposal would unify EU data protection laws and reduce business compliance costs.

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