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RegBlog’s Next Chapter

Nov 11, 2013 PPR News

With the launch of a new, innovative website, continues to pursue unconventional ambitions.

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We the People of the Internet

Jun 20, 2013 Analysis

White House website collects and responds to public petitions.

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New York City Unleashes a Flood of Open Data

Apr 30, 2013 News

Law promises to promote transparency and encourage technological innovation.

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GAO Calls on Agencies to Respond to All Comments

Mar 12, 2013 Analysis

Report advocates for a better use of public input.

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OMB Proposes Guidance to Simplify Federal Grantmaking Process

Feb 28, 2013 News

Guidance seeks to ease regulatory burdens while increasing effectiveness of oversight.

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Penn Convenes Major Dialogue on Chinese Administrative Law

Jan 29, 2013 PPR News

Leading Chinese and American scholars discuss possibilities for legal development.

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Is the Rulemaking Process Really a Quagmire?

Jan 17, 2013 Analysis

Scholars laud rulemaking's efficiency, noting it takes "remarkably little time."

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A New Chapter in Mortgage-Backed Securities Enforcement

Oct 11, 2012 Analysis

New York AG files novel lawsuit over Bear Stearns conduct.

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OSHA Warns Fracking Employees of Silica Inhalation Risk

Jul 25, 2012 News

Hazard alert highlights a health-related concern about natural gas extraction.

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Commerce Department Levies Duties on Chinese Wind Towers

Jun 7, 2012 News

The decision adds to rising tension between the U.S. and China over manufacturing subsidies.