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Employers, Whistleblowers, and Polluters Before the Supreme Court

Jul 8, 2015 Analysis

The Supreme Court’s 2014-15 regulatory decisions affected environmental law, employment discrimination, and public safety.

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Parties Still Battling Over Proposed Carbon Rule After Case is Argued

Jun 9, 2015 Analysis

In letter to court, states claim that a tweet proves the EPA has made up its mind.

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EPA Report Finds One-Year Rise in Toxic Pollution

Feb 3, 2015 Analysis

Data show a fifteen percent increase in toxic chemicals released from 2012 to 2013.

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Broadband Competition is the Internet’s “North Star”

Sep 23, 2014 Analysis

FCC Chair emphasizes need for increased consumer choice in the years to come.

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GAO Says Congressional Review Act Not Triggered by Proposed Rules

Sep 3, 2014 News

Congressional watchdog declares that proposed regulations are not subject to CRA.

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How Much Could it Cost to Do Nothing?

Aug 28, 2014 News

White House report claims costs of delaying action on climate change are high.

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The Unemployment Costs of Regulation

Mar 13, 2014 Analysis

Traditional forms of analysis may underestimate unemployment costs, skewing cost-benefit analysis of regulations.

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Digitizing Environmental Protection

Dec 5, 2013 Analysis

Proposed e-reporting rule aims to improve water quality, save money.

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FAA Proposes Aircraft Retrofit Requirement

Oct 23, 2013 News

Some cockpit displays may fail because of Wi-Fi interference.

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