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Robot Regulators Could Eliminate Human Error

May 16, 2016 Opinion

Scholar examines what a world of regulation by robot might look like—an innovation that could be just around the corner.

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Seasons of Regulation

Apr 18, 2016 Opinion

Assessing the past five years in regulation—and RegBlog’s achievements during this time—goes beyond numbers.

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Rulemaking’s Puzzles

Mar 21, 2016 Opinion

Study explains increase in regulation despite supposed rulemaking ossification.

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Because It’s Hard

Jan 11, 2016 Books

Government fails at times precisely because it is tasked with solving society's most difficult problems.

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When Management-Based Regulation Goes Global

Dec 23, 2015 Opinion

The Paris Agreement’s management-based approach to climate change will likely face significant challenges.

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Regulatory Excellence as “People Excellence”

Oct 23, 2015 PPR News

Regulators must master the human side of regulation to achieve excellence.

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The Regulatory Excellence Molecule

Oct 22, 2015 PPR News

Professor Cary Coglianese identifies the key elements of regulatory excellence.

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What Volkswagen Reveals about the Limits of Performance-Based Regulation

Oct 5, 2015 Opinion

Problems with automaker’s diesel emissions reveal fundamental caution over popular approach to regulation.

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Rating Regulatory Excellence

Jul 28, 2015 Opinion

Leader of Best-in-Class Regulator Initiative explains how rating systems can help regulators measure performance.

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An Easier Way to Untangle Regulatory Knots

Apr 6, 2015 Opinion

Congress could help agencies reduce regulatory redundancies by passing a single law.

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