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HHS Issues Another Rule on Contraceptive Mandate

Jul 10, 2013 News

Agency has finally issued its new rule on contraceptive coverage.

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What Should the New OIRA Administrator Do?

Jul 3, 2013 News

Now that Howard Shelanski is confirmed, he faces choices about his priorities.

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Senators Question President’s Pick for OIRA Administrator

Jun 14, 2013 News

Howard Shelanski questioned on delays, retrospective review, and role for cost-benefit analysis.

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Shifting OSHA’s Priorities to Protect Public Health

Apr 22, 2013 Analysis

Agency needs "wake-up call" on chemical hazards, says PPR's Adam Finkel.

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Protecting Children from Bioterrorism and Biomedical Research

Apr 1, 2013 Analysis

Bioethics Commission weighs in on ethical ways to test anthrax vaccines on children.

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FDA Convenes Public Meeting on Proposed Food Safety Rules

Mar 6, 2013 Analysis

Industry lobbyists and safety advocates testify to the benefits and burdens of two major proposed rules.

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