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Cancer Study’s Claims About “Bad Luck” May Undermine Preventive Regulation

Mar 3, 2015 Analysis

Journal article blaming “bad luck” for cancer is misleading, say other scientists.

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Legislative Changes May Improve the Black Lung Benefits Program

Feb 2, 2015 Analysis

Potential legislation would give coal miners greater access to medical evidence and legal counsel.

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Supreme Court Regulatory Cases to Watch

Oct 16, 2014 Analysis

In its upcoming term, Supreme Court will decide key regulatory issues.

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The Cost to Businesses from Anti-Corruption Enforcement

Sep 16, 2014 Analysis

Agency actions are minor components of the financial consequences of FCPA enforcement.

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Shorter Sentences for Parole Violators

Aug 27, 2014 News

Parole Commission considers new rule to reduce sentences for minor parole violations.

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Achieving Procedural Fairness in Black Lung Benefits Hearings

Aug 14, 2014 Opinion

Black lung disease is increasing, but fewer miners can successfully claim benefits.

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EPA Moves to Expand Farm Worker Protections

Jul 24, 2014 News

EPA proposes increasing safety standards to protect farm workers from hazardous pesticides.

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Do Regulators Listen to the Public?

Jun 24, 2014 Analysis

New study suggests agencies primarily listen to industry insiders in finalizing rules.

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Unions May Gain Greater Access to Employer Email Accounts

May 29, 2014 News

The NLRB may permit employees to use company email for union business and organizing.

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NLRB Proposes Rule to Speed Up Union Elections

Apr 29, 2014 News

To the ire of employers, proposal would allow employees to vote to unionize in less than half the current time.

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