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Why We Need Encryption Now More than Ever

Jan 31, 2017 Opinion

Encryption should be seen not only as an essential consumer protection tool, but also as an essential national security tool.

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Solving the FBI-Apple Dispute

Feb 25, 2016 Opinion

Apple-FBI dispute highlights the value of improving law enforcement's technical capacity.

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The Tremor, Quake, and Aftershock of EU Privacy Norms

Feb 2, 2016 Analysis

Could the European Union’s privacy standard become the global norm?

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Digital Copyright Reaches the Supreme Court (Perhaps)

Jan 4, 2016 Opinion

Authors Guild seeks SCOTUS review of copyright case against Google.

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The Costs and Benefits of Data Brokers

Jun 19, 2014 Opinion

Data brokers’ use of big data leads to questions about how best to protect consumers.

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House Bill Would Limit FDA Oversight of Health Apps

Nov 18, 2013 Analysis

Supporters of legislation argue FDA will not cabin its regulatory power on its own.

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The Tennis Channel v. Comcast: Game Over?

Jul 8, 2013 Opinion

New opinion highlights debate over the role of antitrust law in FCC disputes.

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Patent Trolls: No Fairytale Ending in Sight?

Mar 25, 2013 Analysis

Debate rages on as Congress considers legislation to solve this problem.

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Smartphone Patent Wars: The Role for Import Bans

Jul 31, 2012 Analysis

Congress holds hearings on the role of import bans in licensing of standard essential patents.

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The Apple E-Books Litigation: A Page-Turner

May 3, 2012 Analysis

Allegations in complaints befit a conspiracy novel - one that Apple argues is completely fictional.

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