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Solving the FBI-Apple Dispute

Feb 25, 2016 Opinion

Apple-FBI dispute highlights the value of improving law enforcement's technical capacity.

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The Tremor, Quake, and Aftershock of EU Privacy Norms

Feb 2, 2016 Analysis

Could the European Union’s privacy standard become the global norm?

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Digital Copyright Reaches the Supreme Court (Perhaps)

Jan 4, 2016 Opinion

Authors Guild seeks SCOTUS review of copyright case against Google.

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The Costs and Benefits of Data Brokers

Jun 19, 2014 Opinion

Data brokers’ use of big data leads to questions about how best to protect consumers.

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House Bill Would Limit FDA Oversight of Health Apps

Nov 18, 2013 Analysis

Supporters of legislation argue FDA will not cabin its regulatory power on its own.

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The Tennis Channel v. Comcast: Game Over?

Jul 8, 2013 Opinion

New opinion highlights debate over the role of antitrust law in FCC disputes.

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Patent Trolls: No Fairytale Ending in Sight?

Mar 25, 2013 Analysis

Debate rages on as Congress considers legislation to solve this problem.

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Smartphone Patent Wars: The Role for Import Bans

Jul 31, 2012 Analysis

Congress holds hearings on the role of import bans in licensing of standard essential patents.

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The Apple E-Books Litigation: A Page-Turner

May 3, 2012 Analysis

Allegations in complaints befit a conspiracy novel - one that Apple argues is completely fictional.

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FCC Reform Bill Wins Key Committee Vote

Mar 21, 2012 News

Party-line vote moves forward bill that would change FCC processes.

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