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U.K. Reshuffles Regulatory Scheme and Creates Consumer Finance Watchdog

May 2, 2013 Analysis

Reform of U.K.'s financial regulatory system divides responsibilities among new agencies.


Payouts from Foreclosure Settlement Begin

Apr 23, 2013 News

Mortgage borrowers begin to receive relief from $9.3 billion settlement.

CFPB Reports to Congress on Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Apr 10, 2013 Analysis

The agency will focus on promoting fairness for both consumers and law-abiding debt collectors.

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Defense Department Amends Rules to “Match Reality” for Women in Combat

Jan 25, 2013 News

Rule restricting women's role in direct combat will be formally lifted.

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How Should the U.S. Regulate Housing Finance After the 2008 Crisis?

Jan 10, 2013 Analysis

Understanding why housing finance regulation fell short in the past can help in the future.


Crackdown Forces Intrade to Drop Americans

Dec 4, 2012 News

CFTC charges Intrade with illegal off-exchange options trading.


Federal Reserve Board Issues Instructions for 2013 Stress Tests

Nov 29, 2012 Analysis

Banks can lower planned distributions to meet capital requirements.

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Finance Experts Discuss Future of U.S. Housing System

Nov 13, 2012 News

Penn panel focuses on current housing finance regulatory issues.


CFPB Issues Safe Harbor Countries List for Remittance Transfer Providers

Oct 16, 2012 News

Consumer agency exempts some cross-border money transfers from certain disclosure requirements.

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